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Compensation for Server Issues

Hello, adventurers. As many of you know, we experienced some server issues over the weekend.

To say thank you for your patience and understanding, we have mailed out some compensation to our entire playerbase. (Yes, this includes every platform!)

This mail will pop into your mailbox over the next few hours. :mailbox_with_mail: :mailbox_with_mail: :mailbox_with_mail:


Much love <3

Thanks for whatever it is, before people complain its not enough or its useless lol.

More than expected afterall, thanks again


Server is still wonky tho :-/

Thanks. I suspected it was because servers were being updated to version 4.0.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you devs for the freebies, it’s not something you have to do but nevertheless appreciated :+1:


Thank you!

It was wasting time rather than playing time both Saturday and Sunday but personally, besides time, I really lost only two Sigils due to unwanted game lag resets (one whilst Raiding and one whilst Bounty Hunting).
Ditto for my wife.
Neither kicked us out of the ladder although I could have won 25 more Gems on one ladder.
These 50 Gems and more on the side do compensate our (probable) loss this time.
Thank you, sincerely.


seem to be having little hang time after winning battles are umm the servers still ok?xD

Nicely done, thanks

As said before, it was not needed, but thank you! :slight_smile:

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I didnt get this😩

If you gave me a free team slot every time you had server issues I would actually look forward to them, lol.