Server issues & Lag

Hi all,

We’re aware there’s lag when collecting mail in game and also trouble reaching the status page on the gems of war website right now.

The team are working on it.

Thank you for your patience.


It’s not just collecting mail, battles are also next to impossible to get started/finished.


I am also getting severe lag, like 2-3 mins, in doing the faction. Its intermittent, like with work smoothly for a couple of battles and then lag.

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It isn’t giving rewards either. It’s claiming some when resetting the game, but the rewards aren’t being granted and the mail is moved to collected.

Also no settings tab to submit the issue about not receiving my items.

I’ve updated the known issues article.

@chopper I got you, we will get these issues fixed first and then work out if we need a global compensation or to contact people individually etc, but I have you on the forum here so know where to find you!

I would suggest following the article I linked to in my first post so you will be notified of when the issue is fixed and what we will do for any missing items.

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It’s kind of odd. I’ve also tried to collect my guild task rewards, the attempts all ended in a cliffy error and the game restarting. The first time it seems to have removed one mail item, now all are gone, I don’t know if it added the mail content to my inventory. It’s not standard lag, that would just result in a timeout and a retry button.

@chopper can you let me know which mail you think didn’t add the rewards to your account?
I will use your account as my first basis to make sure things got added correctly.

It should be adding correctly but I will make sure.

@Kafka i know that the guild task and may login reward didn’t add the rewards. They contained keys but i only have gold keys and not the ones in the messages. I don’t know about the other items as i don’t know what amounts i had before claiming.

@Kafka I just realised that this is linked to my mobile account. It was my xbox account that i was referring to but i cant see my invite code for it as there is currently no settings tab available.

Talking with the team it appears the requests to collect mail were running too slowly but they were still being processed so everyone should receive their mail contents but some people may have seen their items added to their account after a long delay.

CX will follow up with anyone who writes to us in the morning but so far it seems everything is being added to the acocunts, just over a longer time than it normally would take.


Global compensations are the new meta.

Maybe 6.9 wasn’t so bad!



Would this have produced a Cliffy Error?
5/9/23 3:35am

Hello :slight_smile:

In this case, yes.

  • If you dont mind, what is your invite code?
    (This can be found in the Settings Menu, in the bottom-left corner in all CAPSLOCK)


Thanks for the response

Hello :slight_smile:

A quick update that you should be receiving your mail as normal.

Please let us know if you are still receiving this, or similar error messages