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Poll: what would you like the devs attention on?

Plese select UP TO 3 CHOICES and no more.
what would you like developers to work on?

  • Already existing BUG FIXES
  • Already existing troops BALANCING
  • Guild WARS
  • HERO balancing /imropovement /adding more classes, weapons
  • Quality Of Life Improvements
  • New MECHANICS inside the fights
  • More AVATAR graphic options /improvements /avatar packs
  • CHAT /COMMUNITY / FRIEND improvenents/mechanics
  • Totally NEW Mechanics /modes /change to game core
  • Gacha PITY returns /mechanics to get guaranteed troops eventually somehow
  • More EVENTS (besides the weekly usual ones)
  • End User LICENCE AGREEMENT to allow community troop design project
  • More time for design/testing troops that are going in the WEEKLY EVENTS so they dont come broken
  • Designing /adding more /better SHOP BUNDLES (select if u actually wanna buy any with )
  • Rethinking /REWORKING PVP leaderboard rewards, pvp points system, matchmaking, etc
  • Designing some more friendly way that would allow players to get OLD WEAPONS
  • More KINGDOMS (allthought i think they have that scheduled)
  • ANYTHING ELSE that i forgot to mention (please name it in the comment)

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this is meant to give the devs, and ourselves the idea what we and others really want the most
bears no promises or obligations to developers whatsoever


lol i allowed only 3 choices to pick from, now i cant make up my mind XD


I wanted 4 choices… my 4th pick was Already Existing Bugs…
I did put the PITY system as my #1 because I have been playing almost a year now, spent thousands of keys and still are missing many Legendary Cards and EVERY Mythic. Its very discouraging to play when my Teams are unable to Compete efficiently against everyone else’s teams.

Sure I’m not in a major guild, because I cannot guarantee those minimums due to family, work etc. However it should not be impossible for a player like me to get them. It makes me play challenges/Explore mostly and completely ignore PvP, as its too time consuming to win against some times… 20-30 minute games sometimes…

Really hope they do something to help this, so it doesn’t detour players away from the game from sheer frustrations.

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Yeah way too broad a list to only pick 3.

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i would totally agree, but i feel like asking developers for just a little is fair, asking for a lot would be overdoing it
like this you can name the thing you really want the most :3

so… go for it!

Well I thought this was a poll to get a feel for what the players considered important, not what the developers actually do. Only they have control over that. :slight_smile:

But i’ll try to pick my most important 3 from the list.

its meant to give the devs, and ourselves the idea what we and others really want

what the devs will do with it is their choice :smiley:

Bug fixes, is in the lead at the moment of posting, sweet. then there is a 4 way tie, lol

Bug fixes are redundant on the list, because it is in the best interest of the devs to get them fixed no matter what. So regardless if it’s on the list, they’ll get fixed. No dev likes bugs in their product. :slight_smile:

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yeah but sometimes they are fixed sooner… sometimes later
no matter how you look at it devs time is limited

Funnily enough, I was thinking three is too much and that we should only get to pick one :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I voted for troop balancing, quality of life changes, and better shop bundles that would make me actually feel good about buying for this game.

What is the point of half the troops in the game?? You look at some of the legendaries and you can clearly tell there has been a sizeable power creep that has rendered them next to useless except in the very rare team comps that people hardly talk about or use.

And without quality of life fixes the game gets frustrating sometimes.

I really wish the devs would make the time to do a big troop rebalancing and quality of life patch.


i think your vote for troop balancing did not get counted :frowning:

So far the community shares my top 2 desires (QoL & Pity returns) so that makes me happy that a lot of us are on the same page. Even if that was universally true though, those features don’t bring in much new money (apart from helping to keep whales happy and playing/purchasing). I really wanted to vote for Guild Wars but it didn’t make my top 3 surprisingly. :slight_smile:

Edit: and in the time it took me to post, “More Minigames” jumped up the ranks! Shakes old man fist at the sky

all 3 of my votes, thanks.


Made my vote, the one that got my attention the most was the “More events” indeed we do need something else besides the Weekly event… Its poor, considering the amount of time alot of people put into the game we should have some extra events, perhaps combined with new mini games…

Thanks for the poll Annie :slight_smile:

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Nice thread @Annaerith, i think keeping the poll at three options is ok as it helps like some sort of sieve to bring up the most voted options that the devs may consider spending some extra effort. More than that and it could maybe add too much things to be considered that could get in the way of what they wantt to do or are doing already.

boss fights! :sunglasses:

rawrrr sirrianzirraaa!


More like: “Let me clean your ear for you.”

guild wars, pvp leaderboard, live pvp


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QoL, Bug fixes and improving community features (chat, etc.) were my pick :slight_smile: There are so many “little” things to improve that would make overall experience better, mostly improving user interface outside of match… but most if not everthing is in QoL thread :slight_smile: