Randomise guild wars

I think, I suggested this one before, but it feels more pressing with every month.

First came the Goblins. Then came the Orbweaver with its Life and Death. Then came the Elementalist. Then came the Books. Who knows, what is next to turn things even worse.

Guild War might be the most extreme example of how something, that started as a match 3 game, turned into an optimisation pattern, where the only deciding factor on win and loss is the board situation before the first turn.
We have thousand troops and thousand weapons. We have maybe ten reasonable setups for each colour.
It’s awful.

I’m sick of fights, that I just barely won or lost while one side is still in full numbers and health.
I’m sick of a gameplay, where we can almost remove the board in the middle from the equation and just let the troops battle it out without those childish gems.

It used to be better.
Then we got more content.

Assign each side four random troops of the colour of the day. If you insist, that it has to be fair, pick them from preset rarities, like in the Arena.

I know, Guild Wars is the stepchild mode, that is only carried along because it was there for so long. No money options, few to spend gems. So why would development care (outside the usual observation, that they don’t care about things in the first place).
So, no, I don’t have any hope, that it will get better, with the last adjustment (I think, that was the bonus of 500 per defense troop) being many years ago.
And I know, that development will not get to know about this either, just as they are kept safe and protected from any other kind of player feedback.
But I won’t shut up about it.


Shiny troops will shake up GW. Not right now of course, the troop selection is pretty bad but its only a matter of time before they start polishing mythics or other troops that might be great for GW.

Beetrix with -2 Mana and an enhanced spell.

Thrall with a 4 mana cost.

Empowereds with an extra turn enhanced spell maybe…

I can also see an extra set of Sentinels for $$, why not make GW p2w too right?

I think with this community theres a fair amount of people that are only still playing because of GW, at least thats what i hear from more than a few people in game. I cant see anymore restrictions being placed on GW without a mass exodus.

I also dont waste my time doing GW so no matter what they do to it, it wont bother me at all :sweat_smile:

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where the only deciding factor on win and loss is the board situation before the first turn.

I don’t agree. If that’s the case then there wouldn’t be people who only lose 1 or 2 max games per year. You can NOT simply attribute that to luck.


Since im an idiot…how do you win a match if it starts with L shape in 1 corner that aligns with the defense’s empowered converters?

Ive had 1 turn losses several times so im confused how its possible for me to win in situations where i get 1 turn against the wrong color book and it still loops me to death before i can react


You are not intended to win every single battle. If you were intended to win every single battle then why set a Def. The folks setting Def are trying to beat you. I have seen folks win impossible battles. They do not give up and normally about 90% of the time there is a move you can make to get the win. If you want all your battles done in 5 min then you will likely not see the move.

You assume too much. Who said snything about winning in 5 mins or less?

That doesn’t answer my question. If there are people that only lose 1 or 2 max games per year as stated above…

How do i win if the game gives me an impossible board to start with?

Guild wars is like fine wine. It tastes the better the longer u savor it and indulge yourself in the complexity of such a simple but satisfying game mode. Add an rng element to the starting board of gems? No thanks.

If u don’t have time to analyze your 1st move and starting board, luck will only get u so far. Most game modes r blasting down everything with overpowered troops and weapons at light speed.

Guild wars is not like that at all.

I understand not everyone has time to properly handle guild wars by adjusting teams to fit the situation, but if u do have time to actually think about what u r doing, it will make u a better player over time. (I know there r moments where enemy empowered troops have multiple 4-matches and it seems impossible to win, but if u take a deep breath and don’t get frustrated, u can learn to minimize the damage done and try to make a comeback)

It is one of the few things left in this game that feels rewarding. In higher GW brackets, players and opponents have little disparity between stats and r facing off against two teams designed to counter out each other.

As soon as u start messing with this game design, u take away from a challenging, yet rewarding mode. Some of the most innovative ideas have come from GWs. How do I counter 3 empowered troops? Can I use their conversion to my advantage? These and many other questions can be answered in theory or practice, and give gems of a war a competitive aspect.

If there is no competition, the theory crafting, grinding, and advice you give to others would no longer matter. The game would be as hollow as an empty wine glass…

Heyas, just popping in for 2 reasons:

Letting you know I’m following the discussion.
I’m a big fan of GW myself so keen to read what everyone’s thoughts are on how improvements could be made in terms of balancing and design.

Secondly, just need to remind everyone to please keep it civil - it’s ok to disagree with each other just please keep the insults out of it. I’ve removed the offending posts and messaged the users directly.


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  • Start the board with 9 classic gems (color + classic skulls) and the rest random (with classic gems and classic skulls). Everything else can be brought by players (attacker or defender). This will result in more even and less “win or lose” boards.

  • There should be an “attack combat report” section. Because when we lose a match we can only see the name of the player we defeated (we can see it in the PVP combat reports but it’s very quickly usable with the different PVP combat reports)

  • There should be a “defense combat report” section. Similarly, the combat reports are in PVP but can be used very quickly.

  • In each GW combat report I suggest to indicate elements which could help to understand its own defense. Nobody knows which team is attacking (only the name of the player) but we could have indications on the number of rounds played in the match, the number of enemies killed, the number of life points/armor removed, the number of summon unit, etc. These would be details that could say a little more about the attitude of our defenses (I remind you that we cannot see them in action)