POLL: Are you fed up with the GoW servers?

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Too bad “hell yeah” isn’t an option because it would be a lot more fitting than just “yes”. Server lag is really killing my enjoyment of Gems of War.


Gems of War is a fine game. Even as irritating as the “features” and the like are, it’s still vastly better than its’ competitors and that’s probably why we keep playing it. Even the handful of people in these forums whose every post is a complaint of some sort remain here, suggesting that either they still play GoW or that they’re simply masochists and professional complainers.

Gems of Lag? Gems of Snore? Gems of Bore? Gems of “Whatever you call it when the load bar and the spinning color wheel occupy your screen for far too long”?

I have a hard time thinking that’s going to remain very popular with people. If I wanted to watch grass grow, I could stare out my window and not worry about electricity and an internet connection. I can certainly find other games to play if GoW is going to lag so much that I get flashbacks to my youth when I was watching files “download” through a 300 baud modem from a Pirate BBS.


Voted yes, but I don’t think it’s (just) the servers; it’s also the changes in the recent updates that are causing the game to make more server calls, and that’s making things worse for everyone.


Agreed. Have no idea why these new server calls were implemented :man_shrugging:

They have slowed everything down since the Soulforge update. Hopefully whatever code was implemented can be removed :pray:

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They worry about us noticing if the Soulforge upgrade is ready for purchase. Not that this is likely to be a concern for most of us because it’s not like we’re finding Cursed Gnomes to whack for those upgrade materials.

(I’ve found four this weekend, only one of which was outside a Blah-la-Palooza. Meaning I got 12 from the one and 5 combined from the other three.)

If the developers are insistent on having it check to remind us that we can upgrade the Soulforge, perhaps the better trigger should be when we earn Cursed Runes? Or at least when we whomp a Cursed Gnome, although that could lead some people to stick a bunch on their defense team just to annoy you?

Because I can’t see a relevant reason for the game to check otherwise.

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Just enjoy the weekend off, it’s not worth farming if you’re gonna be mad all the time.



Yes, it’s still quicker than the loading times of gow servers :+1:

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It beyond lag when you complete a frickin’ treasure hunt for the campaign and it tells you -you are out of sync- the management of this game are the ones out of sync with their player base - just bug or lag - or god only knows what next - its all shame on you - this game was never like this when it was young and cared.


I replied no because I have no server lag issue.

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Wish I could click yes 10x, but I can’t.
Devs won’t do anything, even when a large % of the community complain about something it just goes over their heads.
I don’t play the game nearly as much as I used to and it’s partly down to having to constantly look at loading, loading and more loading after everything :woman_facepalming:t3:

I’ve played A LOT of games and I’ve got to be honest these are some of the worst ‘game developers’ I’ve ever known, it’s laughable.

You can’t keep adding content that constantly breaks the game, adding fixes that cause other problems time and time again and say you’re a ‘game developer’ :joy:


It’s been getting progressively worse and hits every single day for hours on end. There are a ton of studies out there about how performance impacts monetization and conversion and since that’s what they care about right now, it would seem obvious to me that they should focus everything on fixing it rather than adding the latest new random currency to grind for.


If this is at all like the previous issue introduced in 6.1 when the game made umpteen thousand checks every time you returned to the World Map, it’s also something that can’t simply be “repaired” through a hotfix on the server side. As with 6.1.5, it’s something that would require a semi-full patch going through testing and getting approval from the various platforms.

Which needs to happen. But somebody also has to get into the heads of the people who make the decisions and explain to them why the game doesn’t need to constantly be making these checks. Even if the intentions are good – i.e., “make sure the players don’t miss when the Soulforge can be upgraded” – the practical application behaves as if the Fairy Gobmother got to it first.

Maybe they ought to check only when a player earns Cursed Runes. Or on the hour when a player collects Tribute. But certainly not the way it is now unless the developers want it to behave as if there’s a DDoS attack on their servers.


Cant even buy some tiers before the wheel comes up, this time spinning for 10 seconds.


I won’t be spending money on another campaign pass til this trash is fixed. ridiculous!!!


Hey everyone,

This is something we’ve been discussing with the team.

I know you’re all very frustrated with the lag (and it’s understandable, there’s nothing worse than wanting to sit down and relax on a game and have lag or other tech issues), but please remember not to swear as we want everyone to feel comfortable reading and participating on the forum and we have players from all walks of life here, including families.

I will edit the swearing out of the posts that had it in here this time so that the rest of the post can stay visible.

Thanks :v:


While you’re technically right – it’s a self-DDoS client issue – I think we all know what the original poster meant. :slight_smile:


It’s an absolute joke and really shows how much they care. Soon they will have no playing the game, my game time and money spent has already dropped of dramatically due to all the bugs and server issues. Im just fed up with their incompetence.


Oh no, I am starting to experience this issue. It is like corona virus. We are experiencing it late.


Switch class, 15+ seconds lag.
Access any menu, 20+ seconds lag.
Access mail, 30+ seconds lag.
Enter battle, 15+ seconds lag.
Leave battle, 15+ seconds lag.

Worse than sitting in a traffic jam and advancing 3 metres every 30 seconds.

The buttons in many dialogs need to be fixed so as to properly indicate when they’re actually clickable. Right now, many buttons are just marked clickable as soon as they pop up.