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Gems of war update. Bleh. If you care how players feel then please prove it, poll us!

Ok so this isn’t a rant. It’s just my opinion and a few things to consider. (I’m addressing the change of gem rewards as well as the new look to clearify) Many people are unhappy and ranting. I’m unhappy and would just like to have my voice heard.

While many unhappy posts about this update have been made one thing hasn’t been addressed. If you think people are ok with this update then find out. Do a ingame poll! Forums only reach a very small percent of gamers and this is a fact. Most people are too busy or lazy to post their opinions. (Hell 90% of the time I’m too lazy to bother and that’s why I know lol). So if you really think people are happy with what’s been done then prove it, to ourselves and the gems of war devs/company. Just make a simple patch asking people are you happy with the new changes with the game when players log in.

I doubt it will happen but I most earnestly wish for it because I know it will show that 40-60% of the player base doesn’t enjoy what’s been done. Anyway this post is directed at the devs and management of gems of war to please show that you care how your player base feels. And while I know that a player poll is well within your power to do it never has been done as long as this game has been on ps4. (I’ve never played pc/mobile or xbox)

Action > words. Prove me and the other concerned players wrong that you do hear us and care how we feel. If not then this actually is just another rant post and the loss of another player that used to be a fan of the game. Thanks for reading! :slightly_smiling_face:

~Only through your actions is your true self revealed.


Please break this up into paragraphs it is very difficult to read right now.

Grammar is a issue for me sorry. Hopefully I fixed it.

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Much better. Thank you.

I respect that you acknowledge your grammar issues. With that said, grammar is AN issue not A issue. Baby steps brother, baby steps. smile:

Speak for yourself brudda… I dont wanna be polled

They don’t need to poll us, they’ll be able to tell when we log in less, and spend less time in game.