Kudos to the devs

Kudos to the devs team.

The gems of war devs team is so small and honestly I don’t understand how Cyrup and co. manages to keep up with answering hundreds to thousands of tickets while responding to a shit load of posts on the forum and also test the numerous bug encountered by player within the game.

If I were at their place I would scrap my hair off, it is ridiculous the amount of things they had to fix since the 3.4 update. Coding is way harder then many people think. Gems of war being an online game with so many stuff that has to be saved in memory makes it even harder.

I have sent several ticket since the last month to support (Pharos-Ra missing in event chest, guild sentinels issue, and raid sigils etc) and the support team always took the time to resolve my problem perfectly , even if sometime it took more than one attempt and took a couple days.

If people have to be blame, then blame the publisher not the devs.

The devs maybe wanted to wait to release the 3.4 update but the player where keep telling them to hurry but. We wanted that update as fast as what was possible. The publisher might have wanted the dev to push the update sooner than they wanted.

Many people are mixing devs and publisher.


Don’t tell me what to do!

Thanks so much Max! :heart: We are doing our best and I hope we can get to everyone’s requests soon. I am glad you find Support has been effective for you even through our issues, thanks for sticking with us.


I didn’t tell you what to do loll.

You can think whatever you want

Your welcome Cyrup

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Sorry @Maxthor2789, I’ve edited some parts of your post. You are of course entitled to your opinion, but I feel that calling out our publisher by name is pretty harsh.

We are very grateful to have a publisher such as ours involved in Gems of War.


I do blame 505… Rarely the devs. Unfortunately, the devs are the Messengers back to 505.

Whoops… Didn’t know that wasn’t allowed anymore.

I understand Salty.

I didn’t insult your publisher or anything I just state the obvious, in any games the publisher are the one calling the shot not the devs.

And yes I do understand that it is pretty hard to find a publisher when your game is not a AAA title and that your publisher did a great thing by accepting to support this game.