Love for the Gems of War

This is neither about roses being red nor violets’ being blue but this is about something I feel is true. I like this game a lot, I love it. It’s a cool game, it honestly reminds me of another popular game I used to play before, but that game is often played physically. I like the twist that this game has from a digital perspective. I also hope the longevity of the game brings nothing but good things to gamers as well. Sure, I prefer certain things to be different but I’m thankful I’m able to play a game like this; extremely thankful we’re long away from the days of Nintendo when it comes to gaming, that’s how thankful I am. I hope nothing but the best for this game, I stress this because in these times where so many gaming companies have fallen short of what their fans wanted, I see this game having nothing but more wins than loses when it comes to this, therefore having more for their fans. I love it, keep doing what ya doing. Thanks! :+1:

If you got love for the game just I do, share it!


happy valentine day then !!!

Yea sure :smile:, but what is it you love about the game? For starters I love the fact that I’m able to play this on my PS4. Until then, I wasn’t really sure about it. There’s so many things I like about it too. I’ve mentioned on my other thread what frustrated me about it, so on this day I’ll take the opportunity to share what I love about it.

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Controls are pretty well done. The game runs relatively smoothly. I like running my guild in the game now!

I think that’s about all the positive I got for it, lol :smiley:

I really like the collection aspect of the game as well as the team building!

I also love the community that this game has from the devs all the way down to the noobs most ppl seem to really be cool😎

The support by the dev team is top shelf imho. Whenever i have had an issue it has been taken care of by @Nimhain or @Sirrian or more recently @Saltypatra and quickly too:-)

I love that they are always coming out with new stuff that prevents stagnation and to some degree burnout.

Is it perfect? No, but the fact that the devs are listening to feedback and makimg adjustments is so refreshing to find in a F2P game.

So all said and done i really love this game and hope to continue that love far into the future!

My compliments to the OP for such a thoughtful and appropriate thread😀


Yea, the controls are pretty straight forward and to be honest I guess it’s because the mechanics are pretty simple in terms of moving this here in there but I’ve played games that manage to even get something so simple so difficult.

Running your guild is another thing that is awesome about the game. If you’d asked me, about guilds, I’m just in one by myself for the perks, but other than that I just couldn’t see myself in one because I like to come and go as I please. :sweat_smile:

The whole guild thing is more of a crew thing (yea guild wars coming soon) so it is cool it’s in this game as well, there’s so many games out there that offer this feature (having a crew), and it’s good that this game has it (yea I know the competing part coming soon). I like it tho’.

Hey some of us PC/mobile folks love the game too :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting this thread and thanks for a great game!

I play on pc/mobile AND ps4😀

Yea, I most definitely know where you’re coming from with this. I’m shocked to see the level of support, I’m not exaggerating. Even to see the level of interaction from them is a comforting feeling. I could stress how much it’s stressful dealing with other games and their support or interactions but it’ll kill my cheerful vibe right now. :smile:

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I couldn’t find a category that included both, I kept getting suggestions about the wrong kind of category so I said to myself, hopefully PC/Mobile users will just join in. No problem, and yea enjoy the game. :+1:

Hmm… I wonder if our paths has crossed in battle.

Great Thread.
Great Game.
Great Guild.
Great Forum.
Great Community.

Great Scott that’s a lot of Greats!!! :wink:


Lol possible but im pretty low level on ps4 like 60 or so my gamertag is the same tho:-)

Big Love for the Gems of War - I picked up the PS4 specifically to play Fallout, but Ive barely played it. I have however pumped in some SERIOUS hours into GOW. It is also one of the few games that my missus will happily play! Big Tick from me.

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I know what you mean. Don’t tell anyone this but, I had money to buy a certain game I was anxious on buying, but I used that money on this game instead. What made me do it was being sick and tired of having the feeling of buying a game finishing it and saying to myself, “now what?” With this at least I feel I can either collect troops, challenge other players (troops) or do whatever it is this game has to offer afterwards. I felt it was a win-win situation for me either way. I do play other games but honestly this game is addictive right now. I’m saying most games I play do not really make me feel that it can last beyond a certain point, of course depending on what you’re into, but since I’m into this kinda stuff, I see myself sticking with it for a while even afterwards.

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Don’t worry, I’ll keep it between us. Ive only spent a couple of quid so far but I’m certain il end up spending far more.

I know exactly what you’re saying; they’ve nailed that addictive and compulsive quality, that gives the game serious longevity.

I would be really interested to know just how many hours I’ve played it.

IS it possible to find that on the ps4? - I’ve looked but its all a bit mysterious.

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To see how many hours you’ve played a game, the game would have to have a feature to show it. PSN sent me an email with how many hours I played games, which was over 4000HRS and the games I’ve palyed. I can’t find the email that showed my game hours but Gems of War was the second most played game at that time. If I can find that email, I’ll post my stats. PSN support told me they do not have a feature to show game stats unless it was the game itself that had this feature, weird.


I was hooked on this game the moment I saw my wife playing it on PC. Just watched but never played until I spotted it on console.
Been playing it everyday since.
I’m addicted to the collecting cards part of the game. So glad new troops get released every week. No game has ever had me love and hate it. :smiley:
Well done devs!!


Yea, after giving this game a try, that was it from there. I just kept playing.


Im so with you there; its that ‘collection’ element that got me hooked - and there’s enough of a curve to keep me coming back… Im still hunting for Mythics!

Originally I downloaded the game for my girlfriend to play - she was ill and grumpy; I need to keep her occupied, for both our sanity. I have now completely commandeered the account.