Favorite thing about the Game

So…I need a reminder of what I like and enjoy about this game, been a bad day. Figured I might not be alone, so I am posting this here.

What is your favorite thing about Gems of War? Do you have a favorite troop, or game mode, or just something about the game that makes your smile? If so, please share it!

Since I asked, I will answer the question. My favorite thing about gems of war is the flavor text that goes with each card. Being a Jim Butcher fan, the Winter Knight’s flavor text seldom fails to make me smile. I also love reading the weekly snippets that are released with new troops.


My favourite thing is the learning curve, after hundreds of hours of play, there’s still room for improvement. Probably because there’s new content everyweek. I like coming up with new strategies and troop combinations as the game evolves.
I also like the flashy colours.


To think about new builds/combos, and then finally come up with a great team.


My favorite thing is making new teams and seeing what works with various synergies.

I also like making brand new accounts, as this greatly restricts the options available for making viable teams. Over the course of Gems of War, I have created upwards of 10 accounts, only 3 of which I have ever worked on for a decent amount of time.

I will likely create another account that I will work on once the 3.1 update hits PC/Mobile.


My favorite part of the game are the great people I’ve met, and I’ve forged strong ties with my guild mates. We really do spend a lot of time talking shop, playing Jackbox party pack (Quiplash) and just feeling like we accomplished something. If the game hadn’t been designed in this way, or if Guild Wars (with all its problems) never started, it would have been another throw away game.

This game is fun, challenging, and best of all ours to enjoy.


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my favorite thing about the game…hmm lately i’d have to say the quit button :sob:

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So if the quit button has been your favorite thing, what holds you back from leaving? It is a big chance that it is the favorite thing with the game that holds you back. :thinking:

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My favorite thing is Guild Wars. It pumped a new life into the game! It turned me from a casual player to hardcore and I can’t stop playing! :slight_smile:
And I agree with the text. Some are hilarious!


My guild, my guild mates and the great people from other guilds that I’ve met


Favorite thing in the game? Crushing my enemies. Seeing them driven before me. Hearing the lamentations of their women.


thank you, MK… You are great too. :smiley:

My favourite part of the game is completing the kingdom quests. The dialogue is amusing, and I like the anthropomorphism. Makes obliterating my enemies quite satisfying. :japanese_ogre:


What I like about this game is it’s more than just a arena battle game.

This one uses match-3 format to power up your troops rather than the previous arena battle game I was playing (PoxNora) which was a card game. In that game you activate troops (i.e. place them on the battle board) by using your nora that you gain a certain amount every turn. You can influence that total in the game. Unfortunately that game had no strategic layer or overview to give any reason to do the battles. There were various campaigns, but those were very limited.

For this game, your battles get you the resources and assets needed to level or power up your kingdoms which in turn improves the capability of your troops. The tactical battle and the strategic overview reinforce each other.

Without this strategic layer I probably would have tired of this game long ago and moved on.

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The chain reactions. I love to watch that.


Hoarding resources… no seriously - where else can you drop a cool $mil a week, then build it back up and do it again next week :laughing::moneybag::moneybag:


I couldn’t say there’s only one thing that makes this game fun for me because if one aspect was removed I’d enjoy it a little less. But I will admit one of my favorites: The frequency of the updates and content.

While patches can only ever be so often, I still appreciate every new week and another excuse to return.


Team building. I enjoy making weird teams that do something interesting, or centered around a certain theme or mechanic. They aren’t always viable for PVP or explore (usually there is something else that will do it better/faster) but I still enjoy playing with mechanics.


Team building especially trying different things (unlike the Kick to the Kerb group or the Suck Psion or the HatchetThachet Death squads)

Like today I have this interesting Combo with the BeBone Family… Doubling the skulls of Bone dragon really is amusing.

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Gizmo would probably be Gizmo’s fav thing about the game then the community

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Team building, trying to figure out the optimal way to use a troop, especially those with board mod spells. Being able to chain spells to together, the more complicated the setup, the more satisfying. Board mod spells in general, because to me, that is what sets this game apart and gives gameplay a sort of flow. Another thing that drew me in at first was long term goal oriented build up (collection, level troops, trait troops, star kingdoms), but it has been impossible for me to influence any of those for quite some time now. And of course, dissecting and analyzing every mechanic, but thats something I do with any game I spend a significant amount of time on.

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