Your favorite 5 things about GoW (5 year anniversary edition)

Please check any of your issues, gripes or complaints at the door. As the subject matter expert on such things GoW wise… I’ll easily identify such angst and flag your comment as off topic. Back handed compliments can be subjective but in this case also inappropriate.

Just 5 positive points that you enjoy about Gems of War. Feel free to leave less or more… I’m just suggesting 5 because GoW is now 5 years old.

  1. Feedback - I always feel like I have a voice in the game development. Whether the devs to what I want or exactly what I don’t want. I always feel like I’m at least being heard. I’ve never known a game like that.

  2. Flexible - Ability to play at your pace regardless of what life throws at you.
    Too busy to even breath? That’s fine, go a week without playing GoW… Just make sure you log in and collect rewards.
    Trapped on an island with only GoW to play? Get ready for endless entertainment.

  3. Always Evolving/Growing - I played a little of WoW and about a year of Neverwinter Nights. But this is the true game with service game that I’ve ever gotten truly into. I’m astounded by how after 3 years of playing daily that I’m still not bored with it. All credit to the devs for that.

  4. The community - whether I like you or don’t like you. We do a great job of encouraging those who want to enjoy the game. And repel those who just want to troll.
    Internet interaction has been a brave new frontier for me. I grew up on the internet but only talked to real life friends. GoW has allowed me the platform to interact with people of all different shapes and cultures. I’ll always appreciate the community for the patience to let me find my voice. And snap the whip when I venture too far.

  5. Puzzle Aspect - the constant challenge to my mind. Even when I’m doing something mindless like Farming hero XP. It’s a constant task of how I can make my team faster or make the synergy better.
    GoW has a deepness that is second to none, maybe eventually I’ll reach the bottom… But I feel like Sirrians intent is to never let us reach the bottom. For that, I am grateful.


You pretty much covered most things that most players would say about this beautiful game.

I am not as active as you on the forums, particularly with the devs. But I find the devs here to be receptive of feedback - good or bad.

And I love the fact that most players are adults (most that I have come across, I do not have any statistics to back this though) and are matured. On some long days at work, I check the Discord more than the game itself. :stuck_out_tongue:

With RL schedules, it is also pleasing that one can play this game at their own convenience and pace.

There’s several game modes - something for everyone.

It gave me a lot of moments at the end of battles where I survive with nominal life/armor points killing off crazy AI enemies.


I’m really grateful to be part of such an awesome community. For myself, I find five favorite things just enough to celebrate the games fifth year.

  1. The first being my guild and guild-mates — my guild-family. Gems of War brought us together, and I am beyond happy to have met each and everyone of them.

  2. Second is simply my love of having something always to do, with Gems of War I’m rarely bored or without a quick form of entertainment.

  3. Third would be the devs support and deliberate attempts to increase player quality of life, regardless of whether or not they are all successful, the good intentions mean the world to me and I thank them.

  4. Fourth would be the new game modes, and new ways to approach old (now revised) content, like explore, deeds, etc. The fact that the game is evolving and changing might annoy some, but I thrive on new ways to improve my troops, and potential personal character growth. Giving me new things to do keeps me interested and playing, so this has to be near the top of my favorite aspects of GOW!

  5. Fifth, and last but not the least, are my many memories of victories, defeats, frustrations, gleeful moments, all thanks to a game that has kept me enthralled since I first logged in to check it out years ago. I have had an incredible time playing Gems of War, and the people I have met, even those I butt heads with, are all part of a rich and incredible journey which I hope to continue well beyond the next five years.


The best thing I like about this game is that I can play it for free. The second is that it is always evolving. The third is that it is still competitive for me.

  1. The guild that GoW has allowed me to be part of.
  2. Countless hours of enjoyment from a free to play game.
  3. The evolution of the game from beginning to its current state.
  4. A multitude of troops to use that have increased every single week.
  5. The enjoyment of chasing every troop. Thank you OCD :grinning:.
  1. Nearing 4 years of gameplay and still haven’t lost interest
  2. Out of pocket expense, $0.00
  3. Endless possibilities
  4. The community (up to this point, I’ve really only chatted with my guild, but stepping into the forum)
  5. Back to the grind
  1. Only adequate, modern replacement I’ve found for Puzzle Quest so far.
  2. Game is fun at its core.
  3. Small communities have a lot of benefits.
  4. Game is free.
  5. Devs are active with community.

I appreciate how hard the developers work to keep the game fun & how they listen & act on our feedback when they’re able to.

Even after 3 1/2 years I still look forward to playing everyday. (I even plan my day around it Lol!)

The choice to either pay to satisfy the completionist in me or play for free to have an alternate account relax & enjoy the journey.

I am grateful for the chance to meet some really awesome people in the community who have made me feel less crazy for loving a game so much!

(Resists the urge to write AWRsome instead):yum:

:purple_heart:Happy Anniversary and Thank You.:purple_heart:


Not counting one 6 week break, I have been here every day for the last 4 years and 10 months. I love this game. Nothing else I play on mobile has the depth, the strategy, the sheer fun of this little ftp game.

I tried to give you up once. I won’t make that mistake again. I’ll be here till the lights go out.

Thank you to everyone on the dev team for this wonderful game.

  1. Friends I’ve made with my guild, and Chat. I remember the game before chat was added :scream: i’d just get on and play for a bit then leave, now I can talk with friends and play :+1:
  2. Having family play the game and enjoy it together :heart:
  3. Always looking forward to having something for the holidays, Troops, new loading art, something for just logging in.
  4. Consistent Mythic Troops each month to get, Bad or Good.
  5. One of my favorite aspects of the game is Pets, great idea for that A++.

I’ve tried to quit in the past but I could never bring myself to do so, i guess I’m hooked until the very end.


This is a good positive thread. I like it.

  1. The ability to play while listening to something else.
  2. Guild Wars. At my level, it where I have the most fun. I don’t think at higher levels it’d be the same, where I imagine people face Arachnaean weaver teams all the time.
  3. The interactions, both in guild and forums. Reading discussions here is like having a tasty meal. Something like the portal drop rates thread tastes like a cupcake.
  4. The RNG. Random spell effects, random chest drops, random damage.
  5. Being able to spot a not so obvious move that allows a new turn. Exploding boards turn me off so much.

I like the fact that it is a never ending puzzle quest
I am thankful that I do not have to spend a lot of money to play, though I do believe in supporting it
I like the fact that the meta changes pretty regularly and there is always new troops
I love the fact that I made a lot of friends in my guild family from all over the world
I love the fact that my wife and daughter play the game as well so we always have something to talk about

Thank you to the Developers and Publishers may your next 5 years be profitable so the game stays around, beings that I have not managed to quit after over 4 years of playing


About 1810 days here, give or take a few, almost from the very start. I might have missed a few days here and there but no more than 2 in a row once a year.

  1. Free to play and not really pay to win.
  2. Can use same account on the mobile and on PC.
  3. Excellent artwork, really good. Some cards are a masterpiece.
  4. A bit more complex than some other time killer little games but not too complex.
  5. Developers are really trying. Sometimes, it works well sometimes, it does not but there is considerable visible effort which is commendable on its own.