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Please tell Santa what you want for Christmas

hey everyone, i tought it would be fun to make a wishlist of what you want for Christmas, or more realistically for 2018 . it must be related to GOW of course, and you can ask whatever you want, it could be a new feature or a bug fix… i will start with my list, feel free to add your list of wishes :slight_smile:

1- i would like to get different battle log for pvp and Gw
2- i would like to see a rework of arena ( maybe remove dawnbringer also)
3- i would like to see a rework of pvp system
4- i would like to be able to do more dungeon fight
5- i would like a treasure hunt rework (maybe just change the rewards)
6- i would like the defense team to save correctly in GW
7- i would like more seasonal or holliday event (like the Moa event we just got) yeah i know i was not happy at first but it was cool, just got me by surprise :slight_smile:

8- i would like to see more kingdom rework
9- i would like new mini games ( real mini game cause soulforge isn’t a mini game)
10- i would like to be able to test different defense team without affecting my pvp defense

That’s is for me, i stopped at 10 i probably add more if i think more about it but for now this is your turn, what do you want??? :slight_smile:


I would love:

  • A blender! I just moved house and I would love to make smoothies on the weekend
  • A PS4 (So I can play Journey…)
  • Some more spare time
  • Lots of free coffee
  • Clothes. Can never have to many clothes.
  • A match four for the first 4 turns of a match…

Ribs, ribs and more ribs…


not related to GOW but i accept ribs as answer cause hmmmm ribs lol


What about Armored Boar ribs, without armor. :wink:



I plan to start my shopping on Black Friday…

  1. I wish for more lore for the existing troops who didn’t get any so far.
  2. I wish the sidescrolling would stop!
  3. I wish the buttons would be not green anymore and the UI not black.
  4. I wish Pharos-Ra would appear in the forge.
  5. I wish I would know who Fizzbang’s real parents are.
  6. I wish there would be a baby bunny troop with a trait preventing devours from the enemy team.
  7. I wish the board would stop being transparent.
  8. I wish I could see the faces of my troops again even when they are traited.
  9. I wish Sword’s Edge would have an event week soon.

But most importantly:

  1. I really just wish to finally know if Khorvash’s Manticore really has a weird nose horn or if it’s just part of the wing being displayed oddly.



So many good suggestions already so I will add a single wish to my GoW Christmas List:

Guild Raids- All members of a guild face off against a communal boss, each Enemy troop is a piece of the enemy. (Head, Torso, Legs, Weapon) and each piece has stats in the 1000s. Each guild member can attack once per hour to bring the total down. Upon defeat all guild member are rewarded with epic swag. This can be daily, or perhaps even weekly. Though rewards must scale accordingly.

This would make my 2018 amazing!!!

And I know you want to do it @Sirrian, just bite the bullet already! :wink:


yes ive tried asking them about guild raid/boss as it was mentioned in the past to have it one day but they havnt said anything about it in a long time :frowning:

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Well, we need to increase his interest on doing this and present more suggestions. The Head+Arm+Torso+Legs works fine for a colossal enemy, but we can also have:

  • A multiheaded dragon or an elemental hydra. Mechanically it would be a battle against 4 randomly selected heads, but the other two would “pop up” as soon as we defeat one of the preious heads, or maybe the heads could “exchange position” in certain events like using their spells. (For example the Red head cast it’s spell and change places with (summons) another head not present.)

  • The Great Totem: Each slot is an animal totem, a magic construct similar to Totem Guardian but huge, each “piece” has passive powers shared with the other “pieces” present, but not so simple as +2 Armor and such… Could be based on the diferent kinds of Wargare being: Wolf, Fox and Hyena, with two variants to cover all mana colors and maybe a special one for skulls. The battle would also start with a random selection of “totem pieces”, but without “rotating” enemies like the previous idea.

  • Giant Slime: The battle starts with only one Slime with huge status, as we kill it over and over it divides into two lesser slimes, maybe with different colors(?) , with halved status until there is only four slimes to defeat. It could be the inverse as well, the battle starts with four slimes trying to fuse together and become a bigger threat accumulating power, combining effects of traits and spells) as they merge together (kill an ally slime and itself to summon the combining fusion).

Well, for Christmas i wish:

1 - That the gnolls would be reworked to not have random targeting on their spells anymore.
2 - To see new debufs introduced as well as mechanics making certain old debuffs more dangerous.
3 - New slimes with different powers/colors.

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I just want those ugly new white icons changed.


I would love to trade cards :slight_smile:
I would love of it you can find out what kingdoms exactly send tribute for each day. (There has to be one or more not sending…)
The two major GW bugs, - defense teams not staying put, battles that you win that are marked loss FIXED
I would like to have more ways to get the jewels which are my biggest hang up about the Soul Forge… 300k worth of souls and because I don’t have enough of the new ‘jewels’ to do anything with, I can’t do much.

  • I would love the for sale screen to stop poping

  • i would love to stop downloading data before playing


Gems of War 2

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Please no! I spended too much on GOW 1 :stuck_out_tongue:

Or at least make this a toggle. I am so sick of this.

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Only one wish:

Dawnbringer removed from arena DEF teams.

End of line…


As someone with a blender, and a stand mixer, and a tiny kitchen with limited counter space…wish for a stand mixer instead! I’ll occasionally use the blender/processor to make hummus, but I use the stand mixer constantly - spontaneous 10pm cookies; pretzel bites and pretzel rolls and pretzels; dinner rolls; pizza dough; banana bread as soon as the bananas start getting questionable…things and stuff!

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As far as blenders go, Vitamix all the way!! I have tried many others and there is just ZERO comparison in my opinion.

i want a red rider bb gun :sunglasses:

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