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Been playing GOW for a year now (a little longer on xbox). I introduced the game to my sister and we created a guild. Not long after that there were some big changes in the game. Original guild games were made only weekend long, campaign etc… As I see it, there has been good things and bad things in updating and shaping the structure of the game.

I’ve been doing some reading here and it seems people are not completely happy where the game is going. The game trying to make money, useless updates, lots of bugs, game modes no one is playing( was treasure hunt always like that?) lycanthropy (extremely hard to pronounce), topics I’ve been seeing a lot and I’ve only been here for a few weeks now.

So what I would like to know is what you guys miss? What was better/worse in the old days? There must have been a LOT of changes during the years and it would help me to see the full picture, if I could see it trough your eyes. Is this horse getting old (the game, not me…) ?

If you had one wish, what would it be?

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, unless it’s the Trojan horse…

Me, myself and I myself would wish for the old guild games returning every ten weeks. Ten weeks of the one we now have and ten weeks of the old ones taking turns. I would also like to see more different kinds of tasks taking place in the campaign. Krystara is a large place, just use your imagination… But that makes two wishes, so I suck at my own game…


Guild wars every week


@MagiBelgr I do love waiting for the wars, it is the main event, but i wonder if it would get boring without the wait, like christmas all year around :thinking:

There will always be people, who will complain. No matter what DEVs will do… simply: one change may be good from one player prespective, but another one, won’t like it at all.

Most of people come here to complain. At least bigger chunk of those who post something every now and than. (there’s also quite big group that reads forum, but either: doesn’t post or hasn’t registered at forum at all).

Here’s a ~3year in perspective:
I can see thing that changed for better:

  • hero class assigned to team, not globaly, no 50gem fee for switiching to other class
  • arena (i see current version as upgrade to what it was before, still it’s far from being perfect or just good)
  • Camapaigns with return of daily tasks (i realy liked those task, and was disappointed when AB came out and they were gone)
  • addition of medals (they still need some QoL with them and more variety → would like to some some other effects than only flat stat boost/skull-spell boost during event, also 2 great ideas how to improve them (base on what people posted): if medals are used in any of the current slots → they should be excluded from medalling troops… and why not make a medal slot next to team, or at least show currently equiped medals/allow to change on pre-battle screen
  • addition of delves (some are realy extreme to do, others require patience and determination), before their release, people had single legendary/mythic weapons upgraded, currently most players are swimming in those…
  • releasing class for every kingdom (altough some of them are useless)- nice to see each kingdom has it’s own champion
  • introduction of Tower of Doom event (and doomed weapons )

Things that are most annoying me: are all connected to those monetization mechanics, which have that big “!” trying to point out that’s there’s someting worth checking (ads/shrines/ that crap). Was annoying especialy for first few days. Now i’ve learned to ignore those “!” signs…

As for changes to game:

  • like idea of campaigns, but can’t realy justify, why TowerOfDoom can’t be more often… that’s a bit annoying, it wouldn’t hurt if campaign had a ToD somewhere between those weeks… or even on top of it… we have GW and WE on same weeks… why not ToD and WE on same week (but not all 3 on same week) also artifact bonuses → they could stay at least for 1 week after camapaign… you could even somehow explain it with lore, that entering tower of doom saps the power from artifact and it gets weaker and weaker as you climb up the tower, leaving you with useless piece of metal @ floor 25
  • as for game balancing changes / changes that brake meta / i’m always for it, because it makes game a bit more fresh

i’m rather happy to see every new effect (buff or debuff) as it increases the variety of troops. Lycanthropy is generaly a skill that needs some rework. Its impact on EoE is pretty strong, and I realy liked that weapon. Now, not sure if I want to use it at all. But it’s like always → observe and adapt

now, fact is that after ToD Update (or maybe other update after that?) game started slowly add more ways of shouting on player “we need your wallet”, and less new content. I get it, we get a bunch of new troops every week, and in a month it can be (1 for each week, 1 from bounty, 1 new mythic, 4 troops from new faction, 1 new non-faction legendary? … 10-12 troops month to month. Ofc not all are unique and are rather a different version of already existing troop, but that’s rather inevitable, if you want game to be at least a bit balanced)


Very true. For example, there’s an earlier comment about weekly guild wars. Here is my response: NO! PLEASE NO. GW is the worst event. No no no. It is broken. Brackets are broken. Too many dead guilds. No no no.

Stuff like this makes the devs’ lives difficult :wink:

My wish: better QA, better communication (really happy to see the news today!), and more guild collab events like Tower of Doom. In a stream Salty said guild collab events weren’t popular though. :frowning_face:


My wish: Bring back gems in LTs, like in the old days of GoW. Ain’t gonna happen, unfortunately. :frowning:

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Gem Sliders. o.O

Best 2-4 weeks Gems of War defenses ever experienced.

Not even going to explain what it was. It’ll be just for those who were around for it.


When the ads came, I thought that finally a good way for them to get a little money from advertisers, while we get something in return for watching them. Those pop up windows offering shiny things for money are a little annoying, but I can live with them. I do hate the fact the shrine contributions must be shown after every battle, It’s useless info for me and even now I sometimes quickly look at it like “wow nice amount of mon… waaait, ungh”

Here’s a timeline, but not all is present or explained videly.

Btw. basing on graphic i’ve started playing somewhere between 2018.05.11 (Dhrak-Zum release) and 2018.08.24 ( Sin of Maraj release ).

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@Sytro Interesting, if I understood correctly, treasure hunt wasn’t even there when it all started, actually even arena was there before. I was sure that TH was the first game modes…

That guild wars be sent to the permanent hell it so richly deserves.


(some) extra turns should stack up. It used to be if you got a 4-match from explosions before your first turn, you could get a “free” turn where you didn’t make a 4-match, but still got the extra turn. This allowed you to set up some tactics and do a bit more planning. I would love to have MORE tactical options like this in the game. I recognize that in the current meta with goblins everywhere, it would be “unpleasant” on defense, so maybe “extra turn” abilities from spells don’t stack, only multiple 4-matches on the board do, or some other design quirk that keeps things from being tremendously un-fun… but I think there’s something to be said for expanding the ability to apply planning and tactics to a gem matching game beyond just selecting 4 troops and hoping for the best.

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Interesting, this is the second negative comment about guild wars. Snooj was talking about dead guilds, is it the same reason for you? And here I thought everyone loves that for being a competitive event against other guilds. In our guild people usually wake up during GW week :smile:

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Meh, that isnt competetive at all. After X weeks or GW you basicaly:

  • use a defense meta team on each day (there might be than 1 meta build for each color on defense)
  • you pick best possible counter that team, best if all troops use color of the day → and again, there might more than 1 possible pick for each def teams, but they will vary - some might be more rng dependent, but fast, other might be slower, but give 95%+ win ratio vs such def team

There is huge number of team one can make, but there are only few, that are strong on defense. Some people just use standard meta-pvp teams, no matter what is the color of the day. So i can imagine there’s like 10, maybe 15 strong def teams f.e vs green teams. But than again, for each of those 10, there’s at least 1 counter-team.

what i’m pointing out → it’s not competitive… you just:
a) pick a team from a list for def purpose
b) scout what enemy has, and pick best counter you got for it

Only thing that might be competetive here is building these team and testing in various scenarios… but most people will just ask on guild/discord:

  • what teams are you using for tomorrow (def/attack)?

They will get a responce or two, maybe test them, and go with it

Now i’m being lazy, and i don’t want to min-max my score, just to finish gw battles quick and do something else… most of my weekly scores range arround 27-30/30 battles won, and 52-57k points total. And that when I “don’t care much” about picking teams or thinking much while playing same battle… many times my tand enemy team are both teams that can kill opponent in single loop… at that point board decides, what’s the result (wherther i can make 4/5 match on first move and start going, or am I at least able to prevent enemy from getting match 4/5 on their first turn).

Once one of us, fills 1 troop, it’s usualy after battle (win or lose).

Now. Most of the time it’s possible to get a match4/5 on round 1, especialy with at least 1 empowered converter on your team… and if you have to end your turn, there’s often a way to prevent enemy from matching 4/5… in rare situations, gems are aligned in a way, that you can’t get m4/5 and can’t prevent enemy from getting m4/5 in round 1, and that’s enough to lose the battle → enemy gets the m4/5, quickly fills his beetrix or other weapon of destruction and even if you regain control, you’re lest with half or your team dead (and you see, that once you do your match, enemy troops will cast spells and again start looping)

to sum up… there’s small tactical aspect of GW, but META teams are easily neglecting it, plus, even if you optimize your team and pick best possible counter, RNG still has the last word :wink:

from that point of view, at least World Events have that moment of freshness, when you have to build a decent team, based on restrictions you were given… I see that as more entertaining, than fighting off same meta-teams (or very similiar) you can see in ranked

now, wanted to make it short, but it didn’t work that way :stuck_out_tongue:


@Sytro i was going to save some of your answer for the morning, but then I got hooked and read it to the end in one gulp :wink:

This is exactly why I keep asking these weird questions, the answer made me see how people who play more see GW just boring and now I totally understand why.
Our guild lives in a bubble, because we can still afford it and improve ranks. Some of us don’t give much thought to what works against what. Some were sure that owlbear was the best thing ever before they saw festival cow. Innocent fun, few are more serious. But we enjoy GW, hmm… or maybe it’s just me :smile:

I can’t speak for @RiverSong. In my case, there’s just no competition. It took my guild over a year before we got 2nd place instead of 1st in our bracket. Much of our guild didn’t even try because there was no reason to. We would win by a huge landslide. Now maybe we’ll get 2nd. Half of our bracket is 1 person guilds. It’s a ridiculously easy faceroll event unless you’re in an old guild, and even then, they won’t face newer, potentially stronger guilds because of the bracket system.

I love the idea of a competitive guild vs guild event. GoW doesn’t have one.

Truthfully, I don’t understand why anyone not in one of the older top bracket guilds cares considering the broken brackets. :woman_shrugging:

No. I hate guild wars. Have since it was implemented.


@Snooj i see what you mean, we did actually land 2nd twice in a row and I don’t recall that happening ever before. But as long as our rank goes up there must come a time with less ghost ships. Usually if our victory seems certain I throw in a challenge by telling the guild our best score ever, so we can try and beat it or to play blindfolded etc… :smiley:

Oh no, just read your topic about dead guilds and it won’t get any better if there can be dead guilds even in bracket ten…

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I’m not sure when dead guilds stop being an issue. My guild is about 1.5 years old (PC/mobile), and it’s still an issue.

Curious, I looked at the last GW. Here are the scores. My guild won, nearly double #2. The bottom four look like a one person guild.


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