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Make a wish

Thats weird, who would not like things like TOD. did she explain that any further? Maybe it was said just so it would be easier for them to let go… (like Titanic, nuh, he was frozen anyway…) or maybe someone will tell me what there is not to like and once again i’ll make my aaaaaaa sound :dizzy_face:

last one → won 1st battle on monday(or lost more than 1), got 2000 for unique troops + 1075 for winning 1st battle (or other ammount of points for losing x battles, summing up to 1075).
4th to 2nd to the end → either 1 person using any team to fight all/most of their GW’s or few people playing only 1 battle

but yeah, totaly agree, no competition there… from those 4…

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@Sytro @Snooj Been facing two 0 point guilds this week, there are total of 5 in the bracket :grimacing: I can live with playing against them as long as there are more than one player in the guild, having the same battle 5 times in a row is shiiiishkebab :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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But… having guild wars every week will at least make the good guilds be able to move up the ranks quicker (though it would of course be preferable to just fix the brackets).

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@MagiBelgr that is a fair point, looking at our guilds overall ranking and comparing it to guild war ranking makes it nearly double. We go up about 7 brackets per war, which means about 70 ranks. We easily do that many ranks in the guild leaderboards in three weeks. But still it would be best to just sink the ghost ships :smile:

My wish: remove epic tasks. The cost to complete all tasks is too damn high. It used to be that most active guild’s could finish all tasks and roll the dice on a few legendary tasks. Now, it needs a hugely committed guild to finish all tasks. My guild saw a LOT of players leave the guild - and even quit the game - because we were faced with the choice of upping requirements (not fun for more casual players) or not completing all tasks (not fun for those who want to feel that they get the most from the game). This combined with the nerf (or “exploit fix”) to casual PvP meant players found it more tiresome to grind out their gold, and I believe the player base has hugely suffered as a result.

Legendary tasks are not good value but the promise of a potential mythic was huge for newer players joining the guild. It was fun to complete a few, knowing that eventually we’d get a mythic troop out of it.

Epic tasks do not respect the player’s time and should go in the bin.


I Do not blame my guild mates one bit for not completing epic tasks so we would open the legendary ones. 100000 gold = 2 epic ingots, where’s the value in that. I would love to see the LT’s at some point, but at the moment my heart cries blood when i see that someone has invested money on epics, before even the basic tasks are complete. replacing epics with legendary ones, i see happy people :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I don’t think so but that stream was a while ago. It doesn’t actually surprise me though. Lots of people play games as a solo player.

Although true, that is still way too long of lackluster gameplay. Considering my guild is 1.5 years into this and GW are about once a month, if GW was weekly instead we would be at this situation still after four or five months. That’s not even when it would be fixed, I don’t know how much longer than that until its a real event. :frowning_face:

Maybe our feedback was just misunderstood again? The game should offer some assistance for collaborative events, like showing the scrolls in each room once explored by at least one guild member. Having to rely on external tools to make those collaborative events reasonably playable is definitely unpopular.


That is my wish as well =)

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I really wish to find the motivation to start working on underworld delves… I hate myself for avoiding it, but I have only about ten factions at renown 1000 and there is just too much work with not so great reward… maybe I’ll just plug the hole leading there and pretend it doesn’t exist… how much gold does it even add to hourly income if all the factions are maxed out?

Gold to hourly income isn’t the reason to do delves.

Getting ingots is the main draw for a majority of the playerbase, and the rewards from delve chests makes them profitable to acquire, generally (<10 fights for upwards of 20-60k gold is nothing to sneeze at).

And for the hardcore/endgame, the real main draw is pets, i.e: kingdom power stars.

More stars = better tributes + stats = the true payoff


Like I said, I do hate myself for not delving, it’s the first thing I give away to save some time( have to play some treasure hunts). I do have a lot of ingots and the money you get goes mostly back to the factions at the moment. Will the amount of trophies go up with the faction levels? I think I’m getting 1 from fights at the moment, but if it’s on faction assault you get 2. That would motivate me… But thanks for kicking my motivation up @Magnusimus :smiley:

Delve rewards are unaffected by the level of depth: a delve at 20 will payout the same as a delve at 500. The only way to get better rewards from delving is to make sure your Delve Hoard(s) is(are) Quality 10.

Faction Assaults give 2 trophies because all “event” battles do.

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@Magnusimus got it, I always wondered if the difficulty level determines the trophies as in kingdom challenges

New trait: Immovable- troop position stays.


No, the Delve level has no effect on the number of trophies gained. I wish it did, though, like maybe 1 trophy for levels 20-100, 2 trophies for levels 110-200, and so on, up to 5 trophies for levels 410-500. That would get me to do level 500 daily Delves more often. As of now, I don’t do level 500 for daily Delves, unless level 50 isn’t high enough to fulfill a campaign task.

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Hey, don’t let the game get to you, dude! Don’t worry about it at all, and just know that you’re not alone. You’re actually well ahead of newer players if you’re thinking about Factions.

I avoided Factions when they were released because of the time factor. Then potions happened and Faction pet started to count towards Kingdoms… I decided it was worth the time. Caught up on most but still behind on 7, and they won’t be done for awhile because they need a higher Hoard (I’m not killing myself doing Tuesday events).

Truth be told, if you are happy enough with the amount of resources you get playing the way you are, you could wait on Factions. They don’t start being important for Power Levels (the stars) until level 23.

Additionally, there are only 6 more Factions to be released. After that happens, you’ll be able to use the wealth of knowledge the community has built up, and focus your Treasure usage towards the Hoards that need it. Heck, they might even sort out Book of Deeds, allowing you to up Kingdom Levels and get more stats that way.

I would say the most important thing you should be working on would be Classes (very grindy). Along the way, max any pets that you can (you need 2 max pets for Power Level 17 and just owning three pets for Power Level 19).

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I wish this game was fun again


That would actually be a good first trait on delves especially :smiley: