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Lets do something nice for the GoW devs / team

Can we take up a collection and get them something nice for their office / buy them lunch, you know some small gesture to say thank you and to atone for all the complaining we do hehehehe?

Obviously this is not meant as a surprise or I would not be putting it out on the forums… I WANT them all to know how much I (we) appreciate them!

Other than paypal-ing me the money to hold, is there another way to pool money for this?


Technically we already buy their lunch every day :wink:


We’d be perfectly happy if you all just tell a friend about our game! :grinning:


I already do! I have so many friends addicted thanks to you guys lol

Plus I make my videos which helps draw people in.

(Its been a while but I’ve been busy… new one coming :slight_smile:


for devs! :cake::birthday::gift::love_letter::bouquet:
(dont know how in your culture but here we used to give money in letters too)

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you can paypal them to me, I’m totally not going to disappear with them in the end!


So the best thing we could do is buy something in the shop that costs real money. It supports the devs, supports the game, and you get something, too. So instead of buying lunch, etc., support the game!


I share all your sneak peek info on my wall, is that cool?

Extremely cool, thank you! :sunglasses:

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Damn @KrudlerTheHorse

This is probably the most ridiculous idea I have read yet. Were you on the soppy pills?


Maybe we can make a cake for them?

The :cake: is a lie. Or is the cake alive? @Sirrian can e get a birthday cake mythic monster on gem’s birthday as like an event reward or something?

I was thinking of cake with something inside for sirrian :wink:

A surprise hidden in a cake for @Sirrian? Please tell me it’s a big beard!?

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Something like this?

Um…I’d never be one to judge but when I think of Sirrian that’s not exactly the look that comes to mind. :wink:

Actually ylu should go for the male with a female with a beard for sirrain, and something for nim, and the cake for dave.

For once I agree with you @Robert

Obviously the devs should be thanking me for gracing their game…

@KrudlerTheHorse you can all PayPal the money to me, for the collection - I will keep it very safe :smiley:

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What is it like to be correct for once? Feels good? :wink:


You know what they say, even a broken @Robert is right twice a day. :wink:

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