Coronavirus Generosity

So… judging by all the comments about how stingy and greedy this game company is, maybe this falls on deaf ears, but… a lot of the F2P games I play are giving people free stuff to help us deal with being stuck at home on Coronavirus lockdown 24x7 by playing their games. Any chance y’all would consider some free GoW stuff? Extra gems? Infinite event sigils? A free mythic and everything needed to upgrade it fully? I dunno, just… anything would be kinda nice.


The forum may be overwhelmed with the negative comments about greediness, but it’s because players compare it to the past. In comparison to other mobile games (and I’ve played them a lot), GoW is very generous - we have a huge income of premium currency via tributes.


505 games/ IP2 is coming across as the TP hoarders/price gougers of the gaming community.


Pretty much actually. Last week’s event was the first one ever for me in my guild, which I’ve been in for over a year and a half, that we didn’t complete stage 12.


Tbh after amost 2 years i still got no clue how come ppls call gems the “premium currency” of the game (even tho guess is cuz there’s the option to buy them directly with real money).

What i can get with that “premium currency” (that yes, ONCE you’re end game tributes are pretty generous, at the point that make those 15 gems a day for X days offers hilarious)?

Defo cant get the missing weapons on flash sales, cant get the dk armor either (not that i want it be w/e), cant get a RoW with it and neither VIP keys, there’s more ofc but anyone should have got the point, the “premium currency” of a game is the one that allow you get pretty much everything in the game (and usually sold for real money, smthing that here is done but also usually tradable too, smthing that here CANT be done), gems in GoW are some kind of halfwayhybrid betwhen premium currency/energy(sigils and co)/farmable stuff (golds>gold chests>gems, theorically we can farm infinite “premium currency”).

Premium currency in gow is real money only.

But for a second let’s assume gems are premium currency, THEN GoW is the most expensive game i’ve ever played in my life, never played anything that was requiring the “premium currency” of the game to play stuff/events/anything, true that didnt played many cellphone games, but let’s take for example LoA 2, expensive as hell if you wanted keep up/get all the new shiny stuff but still as far i recall didnt required Diamonds to play pvp/events/etcetc but only to get stuff.

Said that unless i missed smthing also warframe didnt gave anything special for the lockdown -.-

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I think it would be swell if during the whole COVID-19 thing, the devs don’t structure an event like last week’s Council of Chiefs, so that the Event tiers we buy in the shop have the same impact that they have for other events. Rather than giving us more free stuff, I would be satisfied with not devaluing the gems that we have.


here, devs give you Toilet Paper Quest…


If only! We’re running low and I haven’t been able to find more :anguished:

Salty mentioned on stream today that they considered more sigils, but then people would complain that they’re being given even more to do in the game and getting overwhelmed.

How about some special adventure board tasks, @Saltypatra? I imagine it wasn’t an insignificant amount of work putting the ability to have special AB tasks in, a good opportunity to put it to good use :wink:

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Lol I was envisioning a new pet named “CORVID-19”… an adorable mech raven.


O_o Really???
I guess it’s hard because what you find valuable depends on how you play. I’m a casual mid gamer locked into a crappy guild because my teenage kid hardly ever plays but plays often enough that she would get upset if I ditched her and joined a real guild. I would be over the moon to have like 50 sigils for a Bounty or Invasion so I could actually get rewards beyond the first chaos orb. I’d also enjoy a few hundred minor and dozen runic traitstones. Or a giant pile of chaos shards so I could fix my mistake in the underworld… you fight a delve up to level 160 before you realize you need to be fighting with the faction’s team to maximize your renown… now you’re stuck with a team that can beat level 50 and then dies on the second battle at level 160. Unless you dump a ton of treasure into your hoard and fully trait them. Siiiiiiigh.

They do not even compensate people for the terribly wrong new event which costed guilds a fortune in gems last week and you expect stuff for free? lol All you will get is a sarcastic comment from the company, that’s it.


If you are on Xbox, check out Chunky’s Raiders. (Unless you are already in the Raiders, in which case, thanks for the free advertisement).

We’ve got a plan for you and your kid. Low gold reqs let you focus on delves, and low seal reqs let her stay by your side. We still get crap done. And have plenty of TP to spare. gl hf

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Lol thanks Chunky, but unfortunately I’m on PS4. :frowning:

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I don’t like asking people what they’re going to give to me during Coronavirus unless they are people I pay taxes to. At this point I’d rather tell the devs I’d be OK if they suspended upcoming events due to inabilities to work as efficiently from home, or various other complications introduced by the pandemic.

I’d imagine the devs are less concerned with players who expect sales and more concerned with, “The ghouls who fund my company see me not as a being who has needs but an object that prints money, and if I disrupt that function they’ll cast me aside like a broken toy.”


I’m not expecting anything. Just noticing I’m getting stuff from other games and it felt nice even if I’m not using it. Like a community coming together and saying “hey we know this sucks, so we’re doing what we can to make it more pleasant for people.” shrug

GoW is my favorite way to waste time at home. I have horrible motion sickness and can’t play most action games because they make me sick. I enjoy this game in any case and not looking to be greedy, just wondering if maybe they would feel like being nice to brighten our day.

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I find it strange that she would be concerned that people would be upset by having too many sigils, yet an answer offered to complaints about a new event type amounts to something like “if you don’t like it, don’t play.”

Why wouldn’t the answer be “if you have too many sigils, don’t use all of them?”


If I could make the decisions for 505 and Infinity+2, I would see this as an opportunity to help people cope with being stuck at home by doing obvious things like:

  • Give everyone a 50% bonus to gold/souls/XP
  • Increase gnome appearances like during gnome weekends
  • Put in some fun Battle Crashers in PvP and Explore that give out a few diamonds or something

People want to play games to escape reality – that stream the other night that Salty did, the reason we never got to 175 or 200 viewers for the “juicy code” is because all Salty was talking about was the coronavirus, and I’m not saying that’s bad at all, don’t misunderstand me Salty (if you’re reading this), but as Kafka said during the stream, some people are under crazy quarantine and they want to do things that don’t remind them of the circumstances they are in. One way to do that as a company is to acknowledge the situation your playerbase is in and give them a fun way to deal with it.


Cite your source?

I’m not saying some folks don’t have “corona fatigue”. Some really do.

It’s also possible that people are watching the news/doing other stuff instead of watching game streams.

It’s also just as likely the stream is less popular for other reasons…like say, the past week’s ultimate exercise in cash-grab events. (It’s a good thing the devs reminded us they’re completely optional - we would have all forgotten otherwise. /s)

Apologies for the slight off-topic detour.

On topic: I only play two other F2P games, and neither of them are doing anything “special” for the current world situation. One premium game I play is offering an exp bonus for the next month, and out of all the games I’m currently playing, that’s the only “freebie” I’m seeing.

I like free stuff as much as the next person but I wouldn’t hold my breath on this.

My source? I was watching the entire stream, listening to it, watching the viewer count go up and then the discussion shifted to talking heavily about corona virus and the viewer counter started to drop off. That’s when Kafka started joking about too much corona talk. I’m not saying it was a bad thing, it’s just, some people who wanted to talk about Gems of War and get answers on Gems didn’t really have their questions answered…

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That’s fair. I suppose I kind of appreciate that the Devs let themselves acknowledge a very large, dangerous elephant in the room that is our world right now. If the viewers think they overdid it, maybe they did. Reading the room is a balancing act.

If they really were worried about messing up reading the room, though, they could have always dropped the “juicy” codes without worrying about the number of viewers, as a thank you to those who did sign on in spite of all the worry going around.