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GOW Anniversary

WoW so I supposedly get an anniversary offer I AM NOT meant to refuse because some how GoW are celebrating a fortuitous anniversary. The offer is affronting as per usual. Its seedy and the bottom line is a cash transaction. In the end everyone remember its a game and cards and gems are actually completely worthless. The anniversary offer is a pitiful acknowledgement of your regular player base. You dont respect your regular players, you milk em. The future of the game is in your grubby hands; the god and the stars protect us; probably not …. could some someone PLEASE help me pinpoint where this game went completely wrong? Do you deserve another year of nonsense; well I dont think so. A birthday is meant to be a celebration… seriously GoW take a long hard look at your self… nothing worth celebrating here… maybe just a reminder we have all trusted you too long and its time to go…

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“$40” value!!!

Maybe it’s a mid-life crisis.

I joined earlier this year so I don’t know how it was in the “good ol’ days”, but I haven’t been too bothered by most of the things I see in this forum. Are there many “microtransactions” or FOMO offers? Yes, like any F2P game. Are there bugs that I’ve noticed in my short time here that others have wanted corrected for years? Also yes. But i also enjoy the time I’ve spent in the game (except the first 24h arena event when I decided to grind for 2 orbs).

I know that the reason I can play this game is because there are others paying for my F2P self. So while I’m looking forward to another year, I hope this year will see new modes coming, and possibly a correction of old modes. There will always be people that love it, people that hate it and people that don’t care. If this game stops being fun, I’ll stop and move onto another. Here’s to another year of complaints/feedback, grinding and hopefully fun.