1000+ troops now, no celebration?

I was hoping for some kind of, I don’t know… pet or something. Not even a word from the devs to celebrate 1000 troops in the game? Maybe I’m just a weirdo.


They might not even know :flushed:


It was brought up by somebody in the last dev Q&A stream. Obviously they had nothing special planned for this occasion.


Just wait few weeks for “Legion” cosmetic pet, that would be released to celebrate 1000 troops in GoW.

@Saltypatra @Kafka → I’m throwing some hints/ideas at you :wink:

yes hold a party, everyone who pays to go gets a free celebratory troop…

I fear you are 100% right, maybe at least a trophy / achievement later 🤷


I got to agree it’s small things like achievements or even a pet that has us long time players staying in the game and gives new players incentive to join the world of GOW

When they notice they will offer us a card called ‘1000’, probably for a 1000 gems. They may not miss their usual dollar grab yet.