3rd Anniversary Celebrations for Gems of War


So I’ve seen it tossed around in the forums & Twitter that there is a big celebration for GoW’s 3rd birthday…

Question, are there actually any promotions? I’ve been holding off on buying the $50 armor in the hopes that the “anniversary celebration” would entail some kind of discount or promo which would make it a better deal.






Just a coding bonfire!


well, it was quite a celebration
free “quick easy battles” bug for one day for everyone, that probably calculated like something of a +500% gold bonus, so we did get something

why do i not feel so festive :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Maybe because you are dreading the other surprises they may still have in store for us? :crazy_face:

Give it a bit of time, the celebrations don’t seem to have started yet. I’m not even sure about the planned schedule, seeing that the game has been released on a different date for each platform.


And now it’s a “for 1-2 weeks for those smart enough to not close their app overnight”!


some do know how to celebrate :rofl: