GoW birthday codes

It appears some subset of Xbox one users are receiving an xbox live code for in-game gifts (5000 gold, 2400 souls, 20 gold keys, 10 gem keys, 2 team slots, 1000 shards, 1 teasure maps and 75 VIP points.) What determines which gamers are receiving these codes?

Any SS of such codes existing?

As I have not yet received the xbox live code, I can not do so. I have asked my guild to post the code screen shot. I have not seen a screen shot of the xbox live message, but have seen one of the in-game reward screen. Also, this issue was being discussed in global chat, just after the daily reset.

FWIW, I started the game and was told it required an update, which I installed. If the code was meant to introduce the update, perhaps this manual installation circumvented my receipt of the message?


Some in my guild received this Xbox free code, but some members didnt receive it (like me). :-1:

Also after this new update, all the French translation mistakes I reported since now soon 1 year are still not fixed. At that point it looks more like a deliberate bad joke.

Glad to see everything is acting like a normal Gems of war day after an update. Keep up the good work! :roll_eyes:

@Saltypatra (yeah…I love to tag someone who never answer me since 2 years… :smile:)


Paraphrasing some things they have said before ( you can find these across the forums, just compressing to save time ): it is unreasonable for devs to acknowledge/give feedback on the handful of new daily forum posts; highlighting how some players are active even outside of office hours and during weekends, thus implying that some players are more dedicated to the game than the Devs will result in them feeling insulted; language/spelling is not a priority given other things/deadlines; and if we say something they dislike that deviates from a post’s original topic, they will pull rank and remind us of not violating the community guidelines ( but it is ok to deviate if we say things they like, or of course when they do it )



LOL yeah…other languages than english dont weight a lot for them…so my money for them dont only weight very little, but it don’t weight anything more since a long time.


I didn’t receive a code on Xbox :cry:

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My free xbox loot was similar to what you listed, but I got 20 gem keys and I don’t think any team slots. I’m vip 10 so that could have something to do with the gift.


505 Games handles the Xbox sales and specials. Not our inifinity+2 devs here. In fact salty and friends never know when an xbox sale happens and have never posted about them in the forums.

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Would be nice to know what the criteria to receive the gift is, and as you say I assume it would more than likely be based around VIP level, if anything. I’m currently VIP 8, and with the addition of the 75 VIP mentioned by OP that would take me to very nearly VIP 9. With all the game modes now just the +2 extra team slots would be worth it!

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Just checked my inbox, I have been sent a birthday gift code!!! Currently at work so not sure what the gift will be, come on you +2 extra team slots!!!

Message says ‘Calling all heroes! Gems of War celebrates its 5th year anniversary today, and we’re gifting you a valuable DLC pack to unlock new riches and troops!’

FWIW, I do not believe VIP level is a determining factor in the awarding of a code, but could impact redemption rewards. I know a VIP 11 who did not receive a code and another whose gamertag has never started the game, who did receive a code. Seems like the code message may be randomly generated.


Does something like this exist for PS4 players?

Indeed, I can confirm that a lvl 0 VIP received the gift code. (on Xbox)

Please be aware that you play this game for pleasure @AMT, and that means you likely don’t only play in-office hours. Pleasure activities typically take place in people’s leisure time, which is why players are active when the developers are not. Please remember that while we do love our jobs, this is indeed our employment, and we also need leisure and fun time. Often, our leisure and fun time does not include playing the game that we work on everyday. (Sometimes it does include playing Gems of War, but we also have other hobbies, friends, and family that take up our evenings and weekends.)

I’m doing what I can to investigate this further. This is not an in-game mail or redeem code sent out by us, and third party (Xbox themselves) have released this promotion. If you have any screenshots or more detailed information please provide it below.

Without knowing the full story, I can guess that this is an Xbox live code that is sent out via a newsletter that you must opt-in to receive. If this is the case, it is something that is dependant on first-party and is unfortunately not something that we can assist with. It might be worth contacting Xbox Live if this is where the promotion is coming from, and asking if you can receive an in-game redeem code plus opt into their newsletters in the future.


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This is what I got @Saltypatra

For the promotion to exist, wouldn’t you have to prepare something or other for XBox to release?

It seems weird that they’d have such a big interest in GoW they’d go to all the trouble to figure out not just what all the in-game currencies are, but how to set things up so your servers accept this thing, and somehow know a few days in advance of your 5th anniversary that it is the 5th anniversary and you are having events around it? It also seems really risky that a games platform would give out free currency to games without involving the people who run the game. Maybe check your spam folders for email from Satya Nadella?

Or I wonder if it’s “oops this was supposed to be a limited-release thing for later but it turns out the XBox Live interface treats “11/12/2019” as “November 12” instead of “December 11” THANKS UNITED STATES and now we have a mess but we’re not allowed to admit mistakes.”

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In our office we do not work closely with first-party, so this is something that was organised by Xbox and likely our publisher.

Xbox have the final say in all promotions on their platform, and this is clearly how they chose to run and release this one. As this is not something that was released in-game, but was released by a platform, it isn’t something we have any jurisdiction over.

TO answer your question @Slypenslyde, we set up things like this for our platforms every now and then, but they aren’t always used. It is completely at their discretion.

I’m not sure what dates have to do with anything? I’m pretty sure this is meant for the 5th year anniversary, as it is mention in the screenshot @rojo provided. (Thank you Rojo! I thought that this might be the case.)

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