XBOX 5th year dlc gift pack

I redeemed today the code I received from xbox live. But I don t see any change in my stuff so no idea what it contained
Can somebody point out what was the content of this gifr?
How I can see if I received it as i redeemed the code while i was logged in.

Thanks for help

P.S Who received this gift pack via xbox live as I knoe some people that had no code in their inbox

Memory is fuzzy about it, but i remember
5000 gold
20 gem keys
?? Gold keys
75 VIP points (not keys)
Maybe something else, not sure.

Was there something similar on steam?

How can I get this code?

You get it from Microsoft in a message. Not everyone has gotten it yet.

Still not seen in my in box doubt I will see it either. Don’t know if was a random send gift.

Yeah quite a few of us haven’t got the xbox message/code yet and it doesn’t look like we’re getting it either…