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Xbox players! Check messages for FREE Starer Pack 2 (20 gem keys, 300 gems, 100 vip points +)

Hey Xbox players, make sure you check your Messages from Xbox Live under Chat

Because 505 games might just have a free redeem code for you!

Mostly crap for end gamers, but 20 gem keys, 300 gems, and 100 VIP points for free is nice.

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@Saltypatra you need to start paying attention to consoles, or tell Sirrian 505 needs to hire someone to do so. Because infin+2 never mentions console sales or deals.

Hope you redeemed your key before posting

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Of course lol

Just thought I’d mention it.

Any chance of something like this coming to PlayStation as well?

I hope you do, so keep an eye out for I guess play station messages?

We don’t get stream codes but we get stuff like Starter Pack 2 and Dwarven Armor.


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I didn’t get one but my friend and some guild mates did. Anyone know why some people didn’t get one?

Last time something like this happened it was Xbox Live Gold members who got the deal, and other people missed out :man_shrugging:

I’m Xbox Live Gold and didn’t get this one or the last one (birthday 2019).


Maybe ticket with 505 asking why you didn’t? They could feel generous and give you free loot.

It may be only given to accounts with an add on purchase history.

In addition to GoW, I’ve received codes with Monster Hunter World after buying some cosmetics.

It could be a combination of the xbox subscription level, purchase history, and game playtime.

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Nothing in my xbox messages. VIP 3

Can you please tell me what excatly do I get in The Starter Pack 2 ?
I accidentally pressed a button and i closed the window that shows me what i get with the Starter Pack 2

Curious about the rollout because 5-7 EST global was full of new accounts. Some VIP accounts and some xbox Silver accounts haven’t gotten it while other higher VIP levels and xbox gold accounts got nothing.

Now I don’t know why some people got it and some people don’t :man_shrugging:

But I do know the codes stack, so if you might want to check with friends if they got one and don’t plan on using it.

I contacted 505 and they said it was an xbox thing. Contacted xbox and they said it was 505 :joy: I hate missing out on things. Any idea? @Kafka

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