Game code... what is this?

I am quite new on this game and now i saw this part called “game code”.
What is this?
How does it work??
I read some topic on the forum but honestly i didn’t understand… :frowning:
Thanks in advance for replies…

I believe people who are active in the GoW community and who have YouTube channels get codes from the Devs to give out to their subscribers in their videos and what not. The codes are good for about 250 uses and give some money, souls, glory, and a gem key.

The “Game Code” tab that you are seeing is where you would go to redeem one if you came across one.

People can correct me if I’m wrong or update to what the actual values of gold, seals, etc are. I’ve never actually redeemed one. I’ve only heard them described.


Each code varies, some times directly to the name. One of the devs posted FRUITLOOPS in chat once and it was three of all six minor trait stones, 2000 gold, 100 souls, and a gem key. Incidentally that 2000g, 100s, gem key seems to be the default that extra random stones, gold, maps, ect get added to, so that is about what you can expect out of a code.

They used to be in-game, you would redeem them in the store tab, but, well, I’ll let the devs tell that story. Sad News... No More In-Game Code Giveaways turns out giving things away on your website isn’t ‘in-game’ so here we are.

When I’ve gotten them they’ve either been from devs in chat or Tacet the Terror’s youtube videos, but there are more sources.

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if you happen to get a working code (they have limited amount of uses so they run out quite fast before you even try to redeem it) remmember to write your invitation code and the code itself ALL WITH BIG/CAPITAL LETTERS otherwise it can give an error.

the most common place to find codes i would say is global chat channel nr1 (devs do chat there and give codes sometimes) or Tacet the Terror youtube/twitch, there is coupuple of other players who also host youttube or twitch and can give codes there but im not sure who (sorry guys if i didnt list you), oh, and maybe also on gow discord channel?

also if you have trouble getting your invite code right… if it shows a space between letters and number, for example " FLORENCIA 13 ", change the space with a " _ " sign so " FLORENCIA_13 " then it should fix the problem

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Krudlerthehorse also gives away codes on his YouTube channel.


Does anybody know a list of peeps giving out codes? I know there’s myself and Tacet. I also know there are a few others but I didn’t take note at the time I saw them.

I would love to direct people to others’ channels because everybody has their own play-perspectives. I think there is so much to learn that way, and I don’t think it is healthy for people to consider that certain things I recommend are the only way to do things.

I know where my play is broken (too control heavy I am fully aware of this) and I also try not to step on other YT’ers toes so if they cover a subject or team build, I try not to cover it too. Unfortunately one of the side effects of this that I’ve noticed is that there is a growing mood that I disagree with other play styles and team compositions - not at all true!

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Hi Daniel :slight_smile:

A new video is literally uploading to YouTube as I type this. In about 5-10 minutes you should have a code available to try :slight_smile:

Check video “100 Tips Part 6”

Thanks to all for the replies. Now all is more clear​:grin::grin::grin::grin:

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there is this list of ppl giving codes but i think its a bit outdated (ps. @KrudlerTheHorse maybe add yourself in there! :smiley: )