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Lapina avatar and 4 guild key bundles

Hey everyone, the lapina avatar and
4 guild key bundle are in sales on xbox

Lapina: 2,50$
4 guild key: 5$


I like how the females get charged $1.00 more than the males :stuck_out_tongue:


Also just received a xbox msg with a code and it gave me rain keys

10 gold keys
10 gems keys
10 guild keys
10 event key
100 vip points


Oh damn it’s Christmas


i got the free keys too!

And those are two good deals in the MS store. Why I hear you can buy multiple lapina’s for cheap to get the 100 gems.


Got mine sometime last night, redeemed them this morning before I left!


How come some people got VIP and not everyone…seems unfair…

Can you elaborate? Did you purchase a bundle and not receive VIP, and another player you know purchased the same bundle and did not receive VIP points? Which bundle was it?

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A lot of people saying the XBOX message that was sent included keys, some got 100, some got 50, some got nothing…in the Rain of Keys code.

Like this fellow…

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As well as quite a few Guild mates…

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This is a first-time experiment between GoW and Microsoft. If you come across any folks mentioning discrepancies, it would be great if they could contact us via Twitter or support to track and hopefully amend these issues. We want it to be fair and fun.

okay, Thank you.

No problem! I also just received an update that the codes may take a bit longer to arrive in certain consoles, so give it about 24 hours if you don’t see anything. They’re being sent out in batches because it’s such a high volume :slight_smile:

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@VirginiaApplejack you are working for microsoft?

Yeah same here we all received the code but only 2-3 got 100 vip points the other only received the keys

No, I don’t work for Microsoft :slight_smile: That’d be cool, though!

VIP points are not included in the Rain of Keys bundles. Today we released both the message with the exclusive code, as well as a series of bundle discounts, found in the Xbox or Microsoft stores. That may be why there is some confusion.

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Oh i see ty so we should get another msg?

No problem! Only one message per account is scheduled to go out. Each code unlocks a bundle of keys, but no VIP points.

Not everyone received the message at once, because it had to be sent out in batches due to large volume. Those on Xbox who have not yet received their code should see it within 12-24 hours from now.

If folks would like special VIP points, they will have to purchase one of the bundles in the Xbox store. 3 of them are deeply discounted at the moment, so it’s a good time to take advantage if VIP status is your objective.

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Ok but this is what im telling you, 3 guildmates received 100 vip with the rain key code and they didin’t buy anything

How do the sales items get chosen? Im glad they made the Lupina avatar item available since the Dwarf avatar item was available last time.

I would love it if the Ring of Wonder ever went on sale…

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