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Guild Elite in the Xbox store

In the Xbox store this is listed as 1000 seals and 4 guild keys. Is this accurate? Or is it the same as the in game shop with pet bait, 500 gems, 4 orbs of clans, and 15 gifts? Thanks.

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Same in PlayStation Store. 1000 seals and 4 guild keys.

Maybe change the category of the thread to bug reports?

I’ve put in a request for the Guild Packs to be checked on both stores, thanks for bringing this up!

Hello! It has been two weeks. Were you able to check the store? Can you answer the question from my first post?

Welcome to another installment of “What is in the Guild Elite pack in the Xbox store” bi-weekly edition.

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I haven’t bought the elite since it was 75% off, but guild champion went on sale a few months back and it contained the new crappy rewards. I’d say with 99% certaainty that the elite rewards are the new crappy ones because the actuall loot given when you buy it is controlled by the gems of war servers and not xbox.

505 games still supports console version. I don’t think any of the devs that haunt the forums have an Xbox, otherwise they’d logon to xbox gems store and give you an answer.


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I received a reply from 505:

The two bundles should contain the items that are mentioned in their respective descriptions, regardless of the names being the same.

I don’t believe 505’s reply.
But if you buy it, you can put up a ticket with 505 and get both rewards :thinking:

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I bought it from the Xbox store. It contains what is described in the in game shop. The advertising in the Xbox store is false. In case anyone was wondering. :grinning:


Put up a ticket with 505 so they have to fix the description, and hopefully you get some bonus loot out of the deal.