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Exclusive Gift and Sales on Xbox!


If you play Gems of War on Xbox, today is your lucky day. Yes, there are exclusive sales from now until May 14th (Listed in USD):

GEMS OF WAR – Lapina Avatar – Now $2.50
GEMS OF WAR – Guild Elite Pack – $5.00
GEMS OF WAR – Legendary Starter Pack – $34.99

…But more importantly, there is a special gift in your Xbox messages with a special code to redeem for a free pack of goodies!

For all the folks on PS4, we are working aggressively with Sony to try and get promotions. Microsoft is an incredibly enthusiastic company that loves Gems of War, so we’re lucky to get their attention. Stay tuned for more in the future!


So I’ve eyed the Legendary Starter pack a few times out of curiosity, but could never commit to buying it for myself or as a gift because the store page description was so incredibly vague.

"Want to start with a bang? Here’s a legendary troop, and enough resources to start building a powerful team out of the gate, exclusive to XBOX One! "

What legendary troop? What/how many resources?

It shows a picture of Shadow Dragon, but as a new player, they’d have no way to know what that is. Is it still the Shadow Dragon? If so, is there any chance the package could be updated to have one of the more modern troops that plays better in the current environment?

I could only imagine how many more starter packs would sell if The Dragon Soul or Krystenax was readily available from the get-go instead…

Thanks for asking. Because these bundles are subject to change we don’t explicitly state it in the store. But! Here’s the intel:

*Shadow Dragon
*10 Gem Keys
*1,000 Souls
*10 Glory Keys
*10 Gold Keys

Plus bonus VIP points, potentially ~250? That also changes, but it’s a great bonus to get the standard amount of VIP points for a discounted price.

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You can buy as many lapina packs as you want, and $2.50 is a good deal as it includes 100 gems.