******xbox guild elite on sale*******

April 23 2019
1000 seals + 100 vip points + 4 gifts + 4 guild keys for guild

$5 USD

And you can buy unlimited of them through the xbox store. But I dunno if that’s a good idea.

Hi How are you? Today(23 of aprill 2019)the lapina pack and the elite guild pack are 75 off on Xbox, i have some questions, i already buyed a elite pack inside the game, now ITS locked dont let me buy another, but i can Still see the pack on Xbox marketetplace outside the game, can i buy again? Wil work? I will receive ALL the vip points and everthing again?when i enter in the game after buy?

I think it will work, as I received three from one guild member today. But since I first posted this 8 months ago I think they are cracking down on the loop hole.
If you do buy more, I’d limit it to five.

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So you didnt tested by yourself? hum…yeah i dont want more than two, two Will be enough, but iam not sure If i try.

@Saltypatra @Cyrup what would it take to get this sale on PS4 as well?


This exact same thing costs $20.00 on PC/Mobile.
So when I hear the codes complaint moving forward. I’m gonna happily bring this up.
Keep in mind, I’m sure Google, Apple and Steam aren’t making them charge $20 instead of $5. Which is different than the code situation.

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Was just thinking these kinds of price disparity will make any eventual cross-platform possibilities a lot more difficult :stuck_out_tongue:.

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Lots of guild keys from theives supporting the game.

Oh my godness!!! How spend so Much?