Gem flash sale (100 gems for 2$)

So what’s up with this? It was a try to see if it was popular? I tried to find any info about this but no announcement.

I think this a step in the good direction since the regular shop price are too expensive for what we get. Even the "% gems “sale” doesn’t worth it.

So i am wondering if we will see these flash sales more often or it was only a 1 time deal?

@Saltypatra @cyrup any infos about this?

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The team intended to introduce more Flash Sales other than just the Troop upgrades. The system is built to allow some flexibility with the pricing and contents so they may try different Gem amounts and prices.


That’s a good news thanks for the answer. Do you think we have a chance to see a rework of the shop? Or it will stay the same price to be a good incentive to wait for the flash sales?

Just please take out the ridiculous “value” prices. Especially when they don’t even match the regular price of 100 gems in the store.

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There aren’t any immediate plans to rework the shop that I am aware of.

Also, patch notes have more information on Flash Sales:

  • These offers have limitless variety, but initially will focus in 3 areas:

  • o Troop Upgrade – These offers give resources to assist in upgrading Legendary and Mythic troops.

  • o Gem Deals – These offers are extremely high value, and may only be purchased in limited quantities.

  • o Weapon Packs – These offers give a weapons, and the resources to temper it, to beginner players."

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Is the gem deal 5 times only, or is it unlimited through the xbox store? Just curious, I’ve plenty of gems :crazy_face:

I have no idea, I would never buy gems. Not even when severely marked down from the phoney-baloney “value” price they choose to stamp on the offers.:roll_eyes:

Also, can we do away with the countdown timer for offers?

It was limit of 5 but didin’t tried the microsoft store trick