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Memorial Day Gem Sale


For this weekend only, get a steal on the gems in the shop store! :gem::gem::gem:


@Saltypatra @VirginiaApplejack
How about you put that Guild Elite on sale for 75% off for everyone like xbox got last week?

Most of my guild bought it, lots of them twice since the sale spanned a Monday reset.

At least next time you do a gem sale, also offer a few ‘limit of one’ bundles for sale. Just gems is boring.


While we aren’t able to apply any changes for this sale, this is good feedback for consideration in the future. We are interested in testing other sale models, but do want to be cognizant of affecting the entire economy; we are able to be more liberal with single platforms because the impact is lessened.
This doesn’t mean deeper discounts and reduced price bundles aren’t possible, just that we need to be more thoughtful when approaching them.

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Why has Xbox had 2 or 3 sales now and PS4 has had zero (Not counting the gem sale across all platforms)? Is this due to 505 / IW or due to the folks at Sony just curious…

Deals with Sony operate a bit differently. We had a PS+ Nobend Brothers deal earlier this year that was a lot of fun, but we are given a lot of opportunities with Microsoft. We are communication with Sony to do what we can to get deals there.

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Please do I have money to spend but usually there is nothing I want where I am in the game now but great deals are always an easy impulse buy on my way to VIP 12 :wink: