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Old News, disregard

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/gem-sale-this-weekend/

Gem Sale

We have a Gem Sale coming up this weekend on all platforms (Mobile, PC, Xbox & PS4)
Get up to 25% bonus Gems in selected packages:

*5% Bonus on the $5 pack
*10% Bonus on the $10 pack
*15% Bonus on the $20 pack
*20% Bonus on the $50 pack
*25% Bonus on the $100 pack


Do these bonuses stack with VIP bonuses or no? I can’t remember. :slight_smile:

I believe they do, yes.
Though I can’t remember whether they compound, or whether they both apply to the base amount… at a guess, I’d say the latter.

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Pc only? That suck no black friday deal for console

Oh well i guess i will save my money :slight_smile:

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Well I’m broke. Was gonna ask you guys for a job.

You can pay me either in CAD $ or Arcanes.

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  1. There is a gianormous sale going on right now (X1 digital), lots of things to spend on.
  2. The last time Gems offered a “sale”/free pack on the X1 it kept melting the XBL server down with all the new players. Mr. Strange had to keep boosting some value in the background to make the game function. I want to play this Thanksgiving break :wink:

Have to say I am not impressed.

I’ll be spending my money on marvel heroes this week, which is having a wonderful sale right now.

I would love to see a sale on guild packs. I would imagine much more interest being able to help out other guildmates, aswell as ourselfs.

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Argh, a day after I bought my first gem bundle. Ah well.

If your buying bundles the Daily Gems pack is pretty good compared to other options.

$5 Pack = 50 Gems
$5 Daily Pack = 225 Gems (over 15 days)

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick heads-up…

We figured out how to get Gem Sales working on console this afternoon… so the Gem Sale will be on ALL platforms now, not just PC & Mobile!


That’s great news. But the sale giveaways don’t compare well to other games around…


I’ll pass that feedback along, thanks!


A limit of one “special” bundle in the $9.99 to $19.99 range would probably sell well. Or a 33% off sale on death knight armor bundle.


I agree. I really think they’d sell a lot more bundles if they were much cheaper. I’m vip 3 and have only been buying bundles up to the £4.99 limit. I’d buy more stuff if there was more stone bundles etc in the £5-£10 range. I’m not spunking down twenty five quid (!) for multiple troop copies and a few other bits. The way to get a lot of money off people is little and often. I’ve bought stuff to support the devs more than anything but I would like to get to VIP 5


Yup gems are very expensive and even with this % deal, 100$ for 2925 gems it is still too expensive

If you buy 5$ of gem you get a big bonus of +3 gems what a joke better not give us sale at all, i am very disappointed

Sorry i will pass this time


Gems? Don’t need them, I’m in an awesome guild :smiley:

But yeah, lots of small purchases is the way to go. A VIP key, some arcanes, a nice troop etc, 5 dollar/euro/pound/whatever each.


Really don’t need gems but if there was an option to purchase individual Arcane and/or Runic traitstones I would be all over that! I realize you have Arcane packs in the Shop periodically (total of 36 for 34.99) but the issue with those is that they’re based on a particular color, thus I may only want a small number from that package (not cost efficient for the needs at hand). And still doesn’t address the issue of needing a particular Arcane at the very moment if that pack isn’t in the store.
You could have quite a few impulse purchases from people who would rather spend a bit of money rather than grind out several hours of Explore mode. In my case I always feel slightly guilty when wasting play time in Explore because that’s time not spent in PvP earning trophies and gold for the Guild.


Did someone remember how was the discount bonus during the first year? I think for the $100 pack it was 100%, no?

I like that @Emos.
I can really imagine there was a special tab in a shop just for the arcanes. This tab would be available all the time and you would be able to buy required arcane at a time you need it for a reasonable price. Lets say 1 arcane for $1.
This way we could buy needed arcanes when we drop mythic for example. No more need to grind exploration or wait for week with given arcane in the glory package.

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