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Old News, disregard

Yes something like that would get people like myself who really love the game and wants to continue to support @Sirrian and the other staff with my money. Issue being there’s really nothing I need or want to buy from the Store at the moment. Individual Arcanes and Runics however? I would be spending money from time to time, especially during Event Legendary or Monthly Mythic weeks if I happen to have a shortfall somewhere in my Arcane collection :wink:
This is definitely one of those options where I would spend some cash to save time.


When I look back at my purchase history, it’s all small stuff, cheap armour and souls/gems subs. The fact that I don’t really need to pay £3.50 for 15 gems a day for two weeks is pretty irrelevant, it’s just a little something to give back to the devs. I can’t afford to splash out but at least this feels like I’m both a paying customer and an active player.

if every player did the £3.50 purchase once a month, devs would be very rich indeed… and we’d get soooo much content :smiley:

PS: another Brit, welcome! you on the map Where are we all enjoying this wonderful game? ?

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They certainly deserve it.

Yeah the Gem sub is one of the best deals in the store (total 225 gems for 4.99). I keep thinking about doing that from time to time but it doesn’t really scratch that Need It Right Now impulse purchase itch like Arcanes would :wink:

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And Honesty the problem I have is that 300 ish gems from that package really gets you no where when you’re higher level that’s like chump change. And you have to wait two weeks just to get it. Thats not even a full 50 gem chest. You should be getting 450 so you can buy that final pack. Spread it out over two weeks and that is still the detractor but at least at the end of it you can open up gem keys at the bundled price.

Honestly it only has really good value for people who are not in a guild or are in an inactive one. I was naive in the beginning and bought a few of these and regretted it.

I second the fact that the best bet is to get small amounts out of people often. I would be much more inclined to buy stuff that had a decent value and was in the $5-$15 range. The big bundles have so much stuff that I do not want and will not buy because I do not want to pay for things I don’t want. More targeted bundles would be ideal. Selling a few packs without any gems in them would allow for a better value of money (lower price). For some reason the value of gems is astronomical for what you actually get out of them and for that reason I will never buy them.

Offering more packs without gems escalating the price would be the only way I’ll spend more money.

Or offering more bundles with armor or weapons that are cheaper. I bought a $20 ish dollar bundle when I first started that was a great value! What happened to those?

I remember it popped up on my screen and an icon stayed on the left side with a timer ticking down til the sale expired. This was some time in April. Perhaps they were just new people deals?

I don’t know, but I loved those and hope you consider bringing that idea back and making interesting bundles to buy every week that are “special” and hence make you want to buy them right then and there. Nothing more than $25 should be there in my opinion. One on the left which is a really cheap bundle and one on the right which is more expensive.

I hope someone remembers what I’m talking about.

Those bundles were much better than is offered now and I hope to see those “special offers” marketing trick come back so I can feel better about throwing my money into gems of war.

P.S. I won’t go as far to say that this thanksgiving sale was an insult to your playerbase… but, well, when I found out about it I was really annoyed. For a once a year sale… you have to spend $100 to get a… 20% bonus… okay. You practically get nothing for any gems purchase under that price. I won’t be participating in that and will give my business to places that give better deals this week and show that they want your money

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Yes, also I bought the $20 (or $10?) bundle when I stated playing on console and I encouraged others that started playing to do the same because it was a great value!

I completely agree with more options in the $3,5, and 10 range.

As a side note: the last time you guys got Gems on the just a weekly “Deal of the Week” page on Xbox Mr. Strange was very busy just trying to keep the Xbox servers up and running and the game playable with all the new users joining. I think you offered a small amount FREE stuff in the “Xbox Gold Bundle” at the time.

With the massive sale going on Xbox this weekend Gems of War and Zen (Neverwinter/Star Trek Online) are offering the lowest amounts off near 15%. Brand new games are 25-40% and older ones 50+%.

PS: No free advertising as Gems is not on the Black Friday Sale page too.

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Great post, I hope the devs take notice.


You said everything I wanted to say in that post. Thanks.

It would have been nice to spend some Black Friday/Cyber Monday cash on my favorite game currently if they would have offered some nice weapons, armor or arcane bundles for a sale price.


I believe having the gems at a slight cheaper rate would work out to their benefits to generate higher income. As a finance major and minor in marketing, seeing the value within the game is slightly off. The gems should be just a slight cheaper at the amount of return and possibly having a stone purchase is where the money may be. I did see one for this weekend but possibly having a color coordinate stone purchase for X amount may work in the long run. Either way I love this game and will always support and rock out. But at the moment the only thing worth my while is the $5 purchase of daily gems. That’s it.

there is so many sale on xbox gold at 50%-75% sale for that 100$ you probably can buy 10 games

i just buyed red dead redemption at 8$ and south park game at 12$ there is where i put my money

for 100$ you will need to give at least 20k gems before i even think to buy it


I would like it if the weekly sales came back that newer players had. I talked about this in my previous post but I had a new idea…
I think it would be really great if one of the bundle options were the traitstones of one of the weekly released troops. If a legendary was released that week, the bundle would include its stones.

This is not pay to win because you can still easily and fairly farm for them with explore but just pay to save time.

Sometimes the bundle would only have arcanes and runics and be the cheap option… and sometimes it would have all of the traitstone types and be more expensive. Obviously the amounts of each would be up in the air. Nothing too crazy, maybe half of what you’d need for the new legendary or troop? I’m sure some formula could be made to determine what’s best. Special offers would be great and feel great and make me want to put money in. The point is to give players something of value that they don’t feel guilty or regretful of purchasing

The free to play aspect in this game is great. The best there is. But people also want to purchase things to support the game. When that value is diminished and feels bad to spend then there’s a problem. Special offers would go a ways to fix that, in my opinion. It’s worth a discussion at least.


Absolutely, I’ve never wanted to support a game like I have with this one but there’s nothing for me to buy! How insane is that? I’m certainly not alone here.


Given the available options, I just buy the daily gem bundles periodically. I don’t really need the gems, but I like the ‘subscription’ feel of that bundle. If I could just send them small amounts of money periodically (with no reward at all), I would.


I feel the same way. I buy the same Daily Gems Bundle on occasion (I don’t really need the few Gems that it has but what else is there?). I bought the Dragon Armor of course. And EVERY $5 Weapon Pack for a weekly weapon I don’t have.

They could really use a Marketing and Sales position (or even an intern), to look at what is offered in the Store.


This is because the Black Friday page is a list of add-ons that are discounted in the Microsoft XBox store. Infinity Plus Two apparently decided to keep the XBox store prices the same and instead give a bonus amount on each purchase.

Best Wishes,

i don’t remember the price of skins but i will certainly never buy it when it will come on console.

I grown up with a console in the hand played every new gen console and i never payed for a skins and will never pay for it.

Skins are imo something you should be able to win in pvp or special event Too much eager like the ridiculous gems price.


I’m aware of the technical reasons for the lack of a Black Friday store presence. I was just highlighting that its ineffective Marketing to hide your product if you want to grow the userbase.

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Right, I was going to go and buy the gems to support the devs but I got the ‘store currently unavailable’ message. So I logged into my fiancee’s account and I was able to purchase the 125 for £5.35 and I only got 120!

Firstly, thanks for supporting us!

We just checked this and it seemed to be working correctly… is it possible that the purchase pushed you up into the next VIP bracket (VIP 3) which would have netted you 125 Gems instead of 120… which might explain the image behind your purchase (displaying the reward for the NEXT VIP level)

I see you’re VIP 2 (up int the top left of the screen) which was +10%, which when added to the bonus for a Bag of Gems +10% SHOULD be giving you 120 Gems.