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Old News, disregard

Sirrian it actually states that the purchase was for a 125 gems before advance in vip rank, you can see that in the photo if you zoom in as the graphic obscuring it is slightly transparent.

So maybe it’s incorrectly labelled? 125 gems for £5.35 SHOULD give you 125, not 120! That’s not right. If I was only going to be getting 120 when I paid it should have stated that.
Thanks for responding, I’ve an open ticket and I’ve added this issue to it.

Actually, they have sold discounted bundles before as addons. I bought one during the MS Spring sale, and since it was discounted they got the free advertising by having it displayed there.

Hi Dan_Ozzy,

Yes - I can see the 125 there… I was wondering if it had said 120 before the purchase, and then updated to 125 after the purchase was made and VIP Level had increased to 3.

Either way, PM me your girlfriend’s invite code, and I’ll make sure it gets fixed up!

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So I just did a little research on Mobile/PC (I know you’re on PS4 though)
The store + bonuses are behaving correctly on Mobile/PC…

As you can see (with a VIP 2 account) that’s +10 VIP Gems & +10 Sale Gems for a TOTAL of 120 Gems

I then purchased the pack and this is what I see…

You’ll notice the value underneath has updated for my NEW VIP Level 3, and now shows 125, even though I received the 120 Gems listed above.

I can’t investigate the PS4 at the moment (I’m not in the office), but like I said, if you PM me your girlfriend’s invite code, I’m happy to look into it for you

EDIT: I see you just sent me the code right as I was posting this, lol - thanks!


Thank you for sorting this out Sirrian. This is the kind of thing that urges us to help you guys by buying a few bits and pieces every now and then.

And not to make you feel guilty or anything, but Sirrian posted that at about midnight his time.

Hi. Is that for my benefit? My issue was the amount of gems for purchase displayed wasn’t the same as the amount dished out. That was agreed and was plain to see. All sorted out now and all is good.

I’ve had a message saying that I came across as rude. This was never my intention and I was only posting facts which might read back as a little bit blunt? I’ve no idea, anyway, apologies if this is the case, that’s not me at all. Thanks again.

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For what it’s worth, you don’t sound rude to me. A customer concerned with recieving what he paid for, certainly, but within the bounds of civility.


Your good. You paid for something and making sure you got it. No worries.


I read it as agitated, but defiantly not rude.

Just quickly reading the thread: Your perception at the time was you did not get the full amount of an item (Gems) you paid for. Turned out it was a misunderstanding caused from the order VIP bonuses are displayed when spending additional money.

Sirrian displayed great customer service as always.


That’s not quite right, it displayed the amount I’d receive as a vip 2 (girlfriend’s account) on screen if I purchased them. It was incorrectly labelled on the PS store. As I said, all sorted and fantastic service by the guys and gals as usual.

Deathknight armor on sale this weekend on xbox? =)

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Please don’t necro old Official News posts, people see them as topical announcements.

Edited title to avoid confusion.


Damn he got me with the official news lol maybe switch that also