Upcoming Holiday Gem Sale


You heard it here first, adventurers… We will be having a Christmas Gem Sale!!! Feel free to nab a deal this holiday season.

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Of course not a real sale when the price drop :stuck_out_tongue:


Up to 50% off, was $4.99, now $4.99!!! Bargin.

This is sarcasm for those of you who dont get sarcasm :confused:


Pretty sure that the GoW use of the word “sale” is also sarcasm, this whole thread is sarcastic…:slight_smile:


Hmm… still a no from me here.

Maybe Google got it wrong?

I dont really get the problem - Beyond the Definition…

Yes, i will buy a package although it costs the same, not to get the gems just to say Thanks (with my wallet) for the gems year 2018!

… And wishing us another competive mode like Guild Wars or just (again) more of that for the next year :wink:

Hey, I’m just saying I don’t need to give you all notice of our promotions. :stuck_out_tongue: (I do because I love you.)

I don’t get that though… Wouldn’t a business want to promote their sales? What good is a sale if no one knows it exists? Isn’t it in the best interest for the business to make money when possible?

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,Gem sale" more like:we need some cash for christmas.

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We do promote our sales on social, etc. I just like to extend the courtesy of letting people know a little extra in advance on our forums.


Anyone who buys gems with actual money; has either too much money, or are severely lacking in the mental capacity. If they were priced reasonably, then I’m sure players would be more inclined to, but currently the only people that will pay that are new players who don’t have a clue and whales who don’t care.

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Your inflammatory remarks aside…
You’re neglecting to mention option C…
Those that realize that the servers nor the staff work for free despite the game being made available to everyone to play for free.
I’m guessing (cause I tend not to be an idiot who generalizes or assumes) that these individuals can afford to spend money to invest in GoW even if the digital currency could be subpar. Rather than buy a new triple A game every month. They instead choose to spend the money on GoW since they easily play this 15- 25 hours a week instead.
These same people are the ones you call “entitled” since they tend to care more about the product they’ve invested their hard earned money into. So “mistakes” like the level deal… Tend to cut deeper than say the fair weather player. Who is happy to play for free and then talk shit (if it’s allowed in global, it should be here) about those who pay for the game so others may play for free.

TL:DR… If you play for free then Merry Christmas. Cause not everyone does. :grinning:


Totally agree and I want to add: I pay for the gems just because I have not enough time to grind too much, buying some gems help me keeping up with my friends and playing more comfortably and happily as well.

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Some players have previously requested that the Gem sale is mentioned on the forums before it goes live, so we just thought we’d give you all a heads up. :slight_smile: We never expect players to spend money, but for those who chose to do so, we have cheaper packs or smaller packs which offer value to people who might not be interested in purchasing a completely new gane.


@Cyrup when i started to play i Spent lot of money and i am at a point where i got enough of each ressource to stop spending money. I would like to spend more to say ty to the devs but the only ressources i would be willing to buy is gems. The problem is for me i don’t see any interesting deal and even with the gem % bonus i feel like the gems price are overpriced.


Thanks for the feedback. If you do have any suggestions for new packs please feel free to suggest them., we’re always open to new ideas :slight_smile:

Inflammatory in what way? Because I stated an opinion not directly aligned with your own position? Perhaps you need to grow a thicker skin. Or maybe leave the internet if you feel offended.
I didn’t once make the statement that the staff work for free or that servers don’t cost a dime.
To clarify, I have spent money on the game myself because I do love and enjoy it. Enough to get me to VIP 5 in fact. So the issue is not with spending money, but rather with what their “deals” are.
You cannot deny that those most susceptible to purchasing the gems directly in the store are most likely newer players that don’t understand how measly their reward for the money spent is or those without the time or too much money. Those are the only realistic/logical reasons somebody would have.

Tend not to generalise or assume? Your entire reply was nothing but :rofl:

I wish these sales included stuff on the guild shop.