Gem Sale! (This Weekend!)

Hello, adventurers!

This weekend we will be having a gem sale! Pop into the store at daily reset to nab yourself some deals.



Are you going to drop the price for

More % gem not a good deal but if you drop the price i will probably buy some


Are there ever going to be a sale on the $15 and $50 monthly packs?

I agree 50% on 15$ and 50$ would be awesome. I wonder why they never drop the price of the gems? They do it for the seal bundle so they could do it sometimes for gems

If they do it, i bet they will sell lot of 15$ at half price

What platforms? If it’s not all platforms it ain’t news.

Isn’t usually every platform?

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We like to run gem sales across every platform. :slight_smile: (If we don’t mention a specific platform, it’s safe to assume it’s across all of them.)


Like the awesome xbox only sale last week on guild elite that no one mentioned.

Yet to see any sales like this on PS4… :roll_eyes:

‘For the (Xbox GoW) players’… :laughing:

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Go blame Sony for being so difficult to work with.

While you’re at it, feel free to blame them a bit more for not having crossplay in other games.

Although, you would think the Gems devs/pub would want to advertise their sales a bit more when its on an individual platform only…

A sale isn’t a sale if nobody knows about it and aren’t taking advantage of it.

Yeah shame on them for not wanting to provide a wider playerbase for their competition.

There’s a reason for this @TheIdleOne. When we advertise platform exclusive sales we tend to get an influx of players on other consoles who are unhappy. I have a plan on how to give platform specific sales more visibility, but it won’t come into affect for a while.


I really wish there were actual specifics about the sale. I don’t see why someone would make a post saying “sale” but not say what kind of sale…
Bonus gems sale or reduced price sale?

It’s always bonus gems sale, cause if they do reduced price they will get too many sales and server will crash


I would be interested to find out if a gem increase or price decrease nets more revenue. Logically I would think the latter.

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With none of us knowing the economics or the supply and demand curves, that’s much more opinion than logic.


Even with the bonus and my VIP bonus, I would get more gems/dollar through the 5$ Daily Gems pack (yeah I know it’s on 15 days) :thinking:.


Fake news! It’s not a Gem Sale if the price doesn’t decrease. It’s a Gem Promotional Event.

Yes, I know what they’re getting at. The cost per gem is “lower”. Wake me when it’s a real sale.


As you’ve said, the only thing we can infur based on the pattern of their practices, that they are (hopefully) at the point of equilibrium from their point of view.

As for @Draprion’s assumption, that depends how the curve shifts on the demand curve. While still an assumption without raw data in terms of the revenue, internal projections, etc. I would agree with his theory as many on the forums seem to lean towards lowering shop prices, especially on gems. Based on groups like ExpoMax, the former is better, but given the value of gems, the amounts we need, and the fact this is a f2p model, I would still go with lowering prices to incentivize more impulse buys. Especially when $50 can get you a mythic and 1350 gems as well as other currencies, I wouldn’t buy gems unless the value is there.

On a final note, VIP naturally adds this so why not lower prices to get the foot in the door, then have a loyalty program as an incentive?

I mean… technically you get more than what you would at regular price…

I’d really love to buy gems for what they are actually worth, and then sell them back to the devs for what they think they are worth. :joy: