Gem Sale (May 22nd - May 26th)

Ahoy, adventurers!

Over this weekend we are holding a gem sale. It goes live at reset, so keep an eye out.

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You can get all gems at a cost of100% of the price. Hurry whilst stocks last.
All gems must go…

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Once again… odd sale. Price higher than the average flash offer…

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44.25 gems per $1.

Typical flash sale: 45 gems per $1
Best flash sale: 50 gems per $1

And this is with my VIP level 9 – which flash sales don’t benefit from. So no thanks. At VIP level 9, the only way I’m spending $100 is if I’m getting like 100 gems per $1. Yeah sure, I get a MASSIVE discount. But you also get $100. Right now you haven’t gotten money from me in months. Sucks, doesn’t it?


All prices for gem packs have increased today and the most interesting pack was removed from the store. The prices in the guild shop have also increased. This is beyond ridiculous. (PS4, €)


The gem industry is taking a hit
A couple of the gem factories had some Covid infection and had to close, so they’ll cost a little more for now


Right, higher prices introduced during a “sale”. :face_with_monocle::flushed::joy:
What a pricing strategy, they really missed the basic lessons! :roll_eyes:


Agree. I currently only buy “vault keys” during the gnome event. 50 gems/dollar + key which can drop that price lower with lucky drops.

Want me to spend money? Offer things at prices that have been previously established.

Gems at 50/dollar + extra item(s) is the established price. This deal is nonsense.

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Okay, but 5.0 when? I don’t think many people care about a ‘gem sale’ where the prices don’t even change.

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Most prices in the shops have increased by 10%.

And this is why the devs resisted offering a lower price during gem sales for so long. Because once you offer a lower price (and especially if it happens often), you normalize that price and make the normal one less appealing.