4 Items on sale this week on the X1

Just a heads up to any players on the X1. 4 Gems of War items will be on sale this week, some of the discounts are significant.


no prices in ad

I don’t understand your statement. That Deals/Spotlight link is filled with prices.

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He’s saying prices aren’t showing in Australian Dollars. I might check the pricing when I get home, it’d be nice to gain a VIP level or two if I can.

As an aside, @peacefull, I just found out that if you click on the item it will go direct to your marketplace showing the Australian price.

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I hope these deals make them realize that cheaper prices will actually make them MORE money. This week over half our guild bought the guild elite pack.


Yeah, the guild elite pack for 6 bucks is frigging amazing. Although only about 5 people in my guild seem to actually play.

I couldn’t agree more! We had about a dozen players in our guild buy the $5 pack , and 2-3 players bought it more than once. (via the MS Store)

For those of us not on X1, what’s a guild elite pack?

1000 guild seals + 4 guild keys to all guild mates

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@Sirrian I wanted to drop you a line in ‘your’ morning before 3.3 releases to say: Who ever was responsible for changing the pricing on the Xbox Store Outstanding work! I’m happy for you guys to make all that extra money this week, your team deserves it.

I’ve been in a top Bracket 1 Guild since day 1 of GW, and so far this week we have received 80 Guild Keys that’s 20 ‘Guild Elite’ bundles ($20 but listed at 75% off) bought from just one single Guild in 2 days. Even when GW was brand new I have never ever seen this incredible volume of purchases, and I’ve heard similar reports from the other top Guilds too.

Please encourage the Publisher to keep this new model for sales of offering discounts, as opposed to the old way of giving a few bonus Gems with every purchase. I think after this week they may not need much convincing.

Thanks for reading, I’m looking forward to 3.3.

TL;DR Please have your publisher follow this new pattern of offering discounts from now on.