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Free 50 gold keys and 1000 souls

In xbox store.

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To preempt any confusion and anger, the bundle is available at no cost for Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

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I added it to my download list from xbox.com but couldbt tell you if I received them or not. Be nice if they went to the ‘mail’ or in game shop to be opened

It shows when you load the game up after you first dl it.

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What about the ps4? Is there something similar there?

No, not really. There’s the PS Plus Bundle available to PS Plus subscribers, but it doesn’t include as much loot as the Xbox Gold bundle.

It’s what you’d call an “exclusive deal.”


Still free stuff is free stuff. Thanks.


Oh, thanks. I definitely didnt see that, maybe im one of those that it didnt work for. Not to worry

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It may take a short while for the Xbox One bundle to reach your inventory after you purchase it. If, however, you don’t see it within 24 hours, submit a ticket to Customer Support and they’ll get you sorted: https://support.505games.com/support/solutions/folders/6000149221

Apparently the ps plus bundle isn’t there. Oh well.

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Oh, and uninstalling / redownloading doesn’t give you the Xbox free loot again. In case you were curious…

I didn’t think you even COULD uninstall the DLC content (without deleting the entire game first).

I got a “Syncing your account” notice immediately before the keys and souls showed up, wham-bam, even before seeing the rest of the daily login on XB1.

Also, the PS Plus Bundle has been missing from the PSN Store for months. Might need to poke Sony to lockdown the multiple-download error before republishing the bundle back in the Store?

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You can delete DLC, at least on the Xbox. The 50 keys / 1000 souls is actually a 9MB download. Which is bizarre. I deleted it / redownloaded it several times, to ummm, make sure it could not be abused.


On PS4 no ps plus and I got a lot of free souls so thank you!! and again thanks!! ummm is this related to my posting a guide?

Do folks get free stuff from posting guides in forums?

Thanks again!!

No, but you’re welcome anyway.

I downloaded it a while back and i never received anything the same happened to my friend


This will solve your problem (and anyone else)

@LadyDynamite1, since I was referencing both the PSN and XBL bundles, I’m not sure ‘which’ of these you had “downloaded a while back and never received”. You and your friend do need to be either an Xbox Gold subscriber or a PS+ subscriber to obtain either of them, of course.

Out of curiosity I did try to activate the Xbox Souls&Gold Bundle on a Silver (non-Gold) member account, and that account did not receive anything-- exactly as expected.

@Nex Okay sort of a stupid question, but if I’ve introduced someone who’s already a Gold or PS+ member but they’ve never played GoW before, just how far into the game do they have to play in order for the free bundle loot to show up?

I had assumed the keys/souls would show up immediately from the start, but maybe they have to use a Chest several times first, or level a troop with souls, before anything external can be added to inventory?