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Thank you for your feedback

When I logged in the game on the PS4 earlier; in the mail was the regular guild prizes and one extra reward.

This one said “Thank you for your feedback […]” I don’t remember the text enough to quote the rest but, it said something about the team always working to improve the game. The reward (again, I don’t remember the exact content.) was a few keys (gem keys no less) 2000 souls and 4 (or 5?) maps.

This is very cool and I can only guess that everyone got it.
I don’t know if it’s linked to the recent bug that came to the PC and mobile side, or if it’s just a way to encourage constructive feedback but either way, it feels like it was not necessary and just a nice gesture, so thanks a lot guys.


Yeah, I got the same reward earlier today. And I agree, it was very unexpected and pretty darn generous. A nice surprise, to be sure. Thanks so much!

PS4 only reward? Because xbox players got a free download of 50 gold keys and 1000 souls.

No, I’m on the Xbox One myself and got the feedback reward.

Is einsteinle also your gems name? I know they need that name and not your gamer tag name to give free stuff to a particular person. I’m stuck at work now :frowning: , so I’ll see if I got more free loot when I get home

No, but I did put my game Invite Code in my profile when I originally signed on here.

I got it too. Was great :+1:

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I got the feedback reward too and am on PS4. Very nice surprise! :blush: