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Request for Console

Someone had a problem with the valor packs and I can’t even type contact support in the console guild chat. No form of it, I tried 3 times, even just the word support. I’m guessing that’s a banned word or something since it comes up as *******. Just keep this in mind when or if you implement PC guild chat on console. Console guild chat is and has been awful, lol. I’m sure there are other words we can’t say on console because it’s happened numerous times. Can we get a fix for this so it’s at least tolerable?

Reply below if you can remember any other banned or ******* words on console.

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They don’t like you mocking their help desk, it seems.

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I cant remember exactly now but ‘gold’ and/or ‘trophies’ were banned too

I know if you type what it considers too long a message, it ******* it out too. It really has been a problem for too long.

Yep, GOLD is a no no.

The list of bad words is very extensive in guild chat on console. If you stay away away from Gems related words you’ll be fine, Avoid:
Gold, Trophies, guild, player, gems, donate, contribution, keys, troop, skull, invite, souls, etc… :wink:

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Ha, basically forbidden to discuss anything to do with gems of war?

Wonder if it lets you say dirty words :imp:

Can the devs enlighten us on the thought process behind this? Seems ham-fisted at best.

I was being sarcastic. But there are enough gems words that are baned to make guild chat very frustrating.

We should get in game chat like the PC in the next few months when they update to game.

Sounds like an attempt to block third-party advertising for in-game services, aka “goldspam”.

It really makes no sense why words that are game-related would be banned or blocked.

That’s nothing we’ve implemented here (intentionally).
It may be related to a language filter applied by Microsoft/Sony - perhaps to do with the advertising of services in some games, as mentioned earlier.

A few odd ones get banned but you can usually understand why.
e.g. Obi Wan Kenobi is an illegal names because it contains sequential letters "wank"
e.g. Basement gets the same treatment because it contains sequential letters “semen”

Anyway, to answer the initial question… improved chat should be coming for guilds in the next console update.


Lmao nice Sirrian. Show us some more words NOT to use. Good to hear though, thank you!

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Bit of a theme developing in that list of blocked words. Anyone come up with more?

Thorny. Grapes.