Chat Feature For Console

I noticed that in the guild guide there’s a chat feature. I’m assuming this is only on PC/Mobile?

Can we please have it for console based guilds.

In 1.0.6ver which is the current patch on consoles. The chat is there. Right on the bottom of the activity page. In patch 1.0.7 both activity and chat got their own tab and thats what you saw. :v:

It’s not? It’s certainly not showing on mine and I’m up to date.

Oh I see. Well maybe they did change it, sorry to hear that.

Do you see this box anywhere in the activity log?

If no, it’s likely because incorporating a keyboard system into the game would effect it badly in some way, so it was removed for console releases.

Nope, that section is black. I don’t see how it would effect game play. It’d just be using the ps4 pop up keyboard either way - the same as instant messaging on the ps4 or any text input in the game required.

It might be a matter in how it would record messages to the server.
I can’t be certain as I don’t work on the game, but it possibly could’ve been an issue that wasn’t worth the effort to keep in.