Guild chat roster

The guild chat window should at the very least display how many guild members are on. 4/30, e.g. Even better, a list of who is currently online…


Hey Heruka, thanks for the suggestion! I definitely agree that this would be useful, but I’m not sure if we can due to some restrictions with certain platforms in regards to privacy and how much information we can show on other players. Because the game version is the same for everyone we might not be able to adjust it just for one platform (and then it would be fair if others had the feature) but it’s definitely something to consider.

We don’t really need that on Xbox because we can add people to friends to see who is on playing gems. It’d be nice, but no need to let console privacy restrictions get in the way of this for mobile / steam.

I actually don’t want this. I leave gems on all day even when I go out and would hate for people to think I’m there but ignoring them.

Would it really matter if PC had it but not console? In our profiles on PC it says last seen however many minutes/hours/days ago we did our last battle but it doesn’t have that on Xbox.

I think the more ambitious players want more communication throughout their membership but the ‘silent ones’ are very unlikely to engage any time soon. Introducing doom was a great way to encourage more guild interaction but sadly, it just hasn’t happened. Some people (the vast majority) just don’t want to talk and that’s frustrating for GMs and players who are trying to improve the guild as a whole. Doom is just a frustration…buy the weapon, hope that someone scouts and posts floor plans so you can take over and be glad when it’s all over because the guild scoreboard shows exactly where it’s all gone wrong. A nightmare in all but the top 10 or so guilds. Gems is weakened significantly as a gaming experience due to lack of bonhomie and I just can’t see that improving.

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I would welcome any movement towards creating more communication/interactivity within the Guild. It exponentially increases the fun factor.

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