Different profanity censors for guild/global chat

My guild is either all adults or people who act like it. It’s a bit extreme that we have to work with the same profanity censor that Global does. Sometimes we want to discuss things in Guild chat like the Scunthorpe problem—a discussion made much harder by the hyperaggressive censor.

I’m quite okay with Global remaining a safe place from dirty language (though I am curious if non-English languages can be filthier without triggering the censor). But a guild that knows each other and knows what the bad words are (and when to use them) should have a bit more latitude to do so.

i completely forkin agree!..xD

or just have an option to turn on/off the filter on the user’s end like most modern games.


If the filter is there “to protect the kids”, then having it be controlled by each user defeats the purpose. And placing the control behind a parental wall is an extra layer of stuff that Gems has not dealt with before—so working with it adds complexity, time, and chance of bugs.