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Let me turn off the swear filter

I’m an adult and swear words don’t offend me lol. Please give us an option in the settings to turn this filter on or off. Probably have on by default I guess.

There is no filter on these forums so why have one in game?


If you swear on these forums you are violating Community Guidelines and will receive a warning, and eventually a ban.

We have no plans to remove the swearing filter. The chat isn’t just for you, children are also present.


There is also a matter that not everyone will understand some words as just jokes or camaraderie, and things tend to escalate quickly in such scenarios.

I’m pretty sure you can find better places to chill and have more adult conversations.

Have you seen global chat? Everyone just changing a single letter so it doesn’t get censored.

If people could actually turn off the swear filter then they would stop changing a single letter. Children would then actually not see any swearing. Currently they do.


Unfortunately, people don’t work that way @Fleg. It would be abused more than it is currently.


Except the same children could just as easily turn off their filter as well. Kinda defeats the purpose of having a filter at all.

I understand the need of censoring swearing but some words aren’t swearing and they are censored like sexy or some troop name like cockatrice and some words like s### are not censored, i would be happy if normal word were not censored

Edit: support also censored we can’t even say to our guildmate : thanks for the support

Instead of saying the F word in global…I now say “Theo”.
So Theo this thread. If adults could act like adults then censors wouldn’t be needed.
Btw… We give power too much to words. Theo this, I’m out. :wink:


What did Theo ever do to you? Oh, wait . . .

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You can swear in German all you want. I’ve seen this swear a few times in chat ‘habe dich salzig ausgetrickst’ :face_with_monocle:


Well frak that! We don’t need a frelling swear filter.

Drokk it, these gorram developers can kiss my smegging mik’ta!

Total Belgium, man…


^5 for Farscape references :nerd_face:

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I’m going to rage quit because my limited vocabulary doesn’t allow me to communicate my opinions or arguements without using profanity…

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I’m from Germany and I never heard that expression before and I don’t even know what it’s supposed to mean. At the very least, it includes absolutely no swear words at all. It literally means “I tricked you saltily”. Like…what does that even mean? Maybe it’s some special in-guild joke or whatever of a few people, but this isn’t any slang I’ve ever heard before and I’ve been to several parts of Germany and know quite a few dialects. At any rate, no swears included there and if it maybe just means “I really tricked you” or whatever, then it’s really harmless.

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He was trying to goad Salty into looking/using Google Translator to check this. Now we ruined his sassy trick… He’ll probably yell at us something like “darn kids” and wack us with his walking cane.




Thanks, but I never actually watched it, I just know the word from a friend using it

(Ditto for the Stargate swear word…)




A wise man once said, “Profanity is the attempt of a weak mind to express itself forcefully.”