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Let me turn off the swear filter

:confused: Okay, so maybe I’m just ridiculously dumb to not have seen that possibility, but that doesn’t even work out in google translate - it’s too colloquially phrased for that and google is bad at working with “austricksen”. It makes it into “tricked into” and then you have a word missing there - Google’s translation for “habe dich salzig ausgetrickst” is “Tricked you into salty”. I just checked.
To make google translate that into the wanted English phrase, you’d have to change the sentence into something like “Hey, salzig, ich habe dich hereingelegt.”


Aww… too bad. It’s a fun show.

People are always being tricked into being salty. I’m used to it by now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Insert lewd comment “here”.

Just don’t break the swear filter. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Some people are naturally salty…

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Hey hi hello that’s me.


So if people are subtle about their saltyness are they popcorn salt or sea salt?

Do I detect a hint of lounge / subtitle for myself?
How does popcorn salt of saltiness sound?

Smarter games solve this problem by not having chat at all, letting the community create the chat, then letting inevitable fallout as to whether it devolves into a cesspool be their problem. Bonus: no support tickets when chat’s down.

In almost every game I’ve ever played with a heavy socialization focus, the top guilds preferred using whatever the Discord analog of the time over in-game chat. In-game chat is always an inferior implementation, inaccessible when the game isn’t open, etc. In some of them, for reasons of intimidation, interacting with global chat was strictly discouraged.

If you run your own chat, it becomes a representation of your company. So you have to make a token effort to reign in people who swear a ton. The clbuttic mistake is a simple substitution filter, which is how you end up with ***atrice or other constructs. Going multilingual makes it worse. For example, you can’t name a Pokemon “Violet” due to that name being too similar to some bad topics in a language or two, nor “Spike” because it’s too close to a racial slur.

But writing a smarter swear filter is really hard. Lots of high-dollar companies have tried and failed. Language is so flexible, people always find a way to twist what they have unless they’re so limited the feature has no point. If you disagree, or think “it should be really easy”, I invite you to go write one and unleash it to the masses. If you spend a year on it and it lasts a day I’ll be surprised.

The only thing that actually works is to appoint enough moderators to cover all shifts. Humans are pretty good at sorting out when something’s meant to be harmful. Intuition is one of our talents. The reason cruddy swear filters exist is that’s effort, and in some cases money.

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Since there is a demand for less censorship on the chat, i want a place in the forums to post NSFW pictures:
No gloves, no heavy duty clothing on his body, not wearing a safety helmet and mask and he is even using a flammable piece of paper on his face…



No filler rod either. He us just fusing it together with that T.I.G. torch…not near as strong…and why is building it on the floor? Easier to do on an elevated work table

Reminds me strongly of my dad tig welding a muffler…

(Edit to add… sans paper mask. Hero buff to welding mask and good gloves)