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Don't ban people from chat

Just have a option in setting to block nasty stuff shown in chat. No one knows if a kid or other person gets on the account and does it on purpose then your banned for life because your at work why some family member gets mad at you and gets you banned. ADD A SAFTY BLOCK PERMANENTLY TO BAD LANGUAGE AND OTHER NASTY STUFF. Blocking people is stupid just make the chat permanently clean by blocking nasty stuff with ******* automatically!

I thought it did that already there are words you can write that are bad and it censors it

Banning all the words a person could possibly find objectionable is an impossible task.

Banning people is fine and should continue.

If you don’t want a chat ban, be responsible and keep control of yourself and your account, including anyone with access to said account.


Please edit the title to be “Ban the ability to ban people from chat”. :grinning:

Still a constant source of trouble and amusement?


If you talk in chat the way you talk here, you shouldn’t be at all surprised when you get banned.


I feel this thread is somehow related to the dude who confessed his love for someone in global, then harrassed that person a week later. Just a feeling


They are not banning you from playing. Just from chat. You can still play the game. It’s highly likely the OP is not interested in playing the game IMHO of course.

If someone doesn’t know how to secure their account, they are accepting responsibility for the consequences.