Cockatrice incompatible with chat filter

Either add an exception for the Troop or rename the troop.
If it’s too dirty for children, it shouldn’t be in the game. If it’s not, then it shouldn’t be filtered. (You pick)

Btw, making me s p e l l it out just calls even greater attention to something that no one would have ever noticed.
I don’t see how that is better for anyone.

I’ll post this in suggestions, but can we at least get the option to disable the chat filter in Guild chat?
Leave it on all the time in global, that’s fine.

What people communicate to each other privately is not going to affect the game’s rating or trigger the frantic attention of concerned busybodies.


I can’t remember the specifics but I’m pretty sure the filter isn’t something the devs control.

Looking at that screen capture makes me chuckle. Spelling it out letter-by-letter does indeed make the “naughty” part more glaringly obvious. :blush:

Years back, in another game, I was telling my friend I’d finally watched the movie Han**** …

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