Censure ? WTF ?!

Hello, could you please focus on server issues instead of some junk censor in writing. I can write Bite, but can’t write Cockatrice without stars. Are U serious 505?

Its because of the first four letters of Cockatrice. It has been a source of amusement.

What platform are you on?
PC/mobile is able to say cockatrice last I knew.

On PC:
You must try to write Moby Dick, that is a good one too…
And then you must look at it again some time later…
That happened to me once

This is what we in the industry call “The Clbuttic Swear Filter”. It’s what you implement when you know you have better things to do than implement a swear filter, but your boss is going to fire you if you don’t implement a swear filter.

Just call it “Shaftatrice” and it’ll be OK. Or “Atrice that Pierces Anu”.

(By the way, you already got your wish. The Clbuttic filter was implemented at least a year ago, so the devs are definitely focusing more on server issues than the filter.)

My wish? Just let me chat with my guild mates in peace, OK for censoring in general chat. My platform is PS4. (and yes, sometimes Dick is appearing out from nowhere) lol)