Please remove Chosen from the filtered list

I"m assuming its a mistake but the word Chosen has been censored. Could you please remove it.

I’m not sure how much control over the chat filter Infinity Plus 2 has on console. I remember one of the devs mentioning that a lot of words were added due to hardware manufacturer (Microsoft and Sony) specifications.

They can adjust it because there have been a few words so far they have fixed that the chat filter censored right off the bat.

I discovered today that ‘swinger’ is in the filter censor list.

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Additionally the problem isn’t just the word list. It’s that your entire post gets blocked.

It should look like this:
Your using a ****** in battle, only your mother would have ********* that troop.

The console looks like this:
And you have to retype EVERYTHING

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I think it’s only on xbox, the ps4 version is same then your first sentence

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And how did you discover that, exactly? :wink:

Trying to say something is a game-swinger. As in, it suddenly and materially changes the outcome of a match. What did you have in mind?

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You can say suck but can’t say support :slight_smile: