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Chat filter is too strict

I get it it you don’t want us to say certain naughty words. The word suck is filtered out. Yes I get it if someone were to say suck my dick than some little Dev somewhere would rather have it say **** my **** which leaves pleanty to the imagination. The problem is with how the word suck is used. When talking about a certain siutation on how you lost a battle and you type out “Man this sucks I hate how Korvash gives me a beating” your filter just bleeps out sucks cause the word itself is flagged.

There are plenty of ways to bypass the filter for simple words like a$$ or fu.ck but you have an over zealous developer who must have the idea that a bunch of 3 and 4 yearolds play this game and wants to help create a better vocabulary for them.

Well it SUCKS and I don’t like it. Ban curse words all you want but don’t kill off the wall words like suck because you want to bleep it out of a certain sentence.

Edit: part of the word “basement” is banned too.


Actually the profanity filter was required by Microsoft and Sony for chat. Unfortunately it means that we are unable to relax the profanity filter in chat.


This is weird microsoft asked for it cause if i go in the xbox dashboard and search for recent player, i can send them a msg saying F*** you and it is not censored

Don’t share with everyone the messages I send you Ricky.

Those are private ffs.


Btw speaking of chat, chat is down for me atm.

We’re looking into it.

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Honestly I think the filter is just fine, though the childish people are still running rampant…since the usual “F” word is filtered…and there was Many let’s say childish people were making up f word after f word…being crass and childish as they could possibly be…it wasn’t necessarily offensive but is was VERY annoying and to that point it wouldn’t bother me if chat was moderated completely. having fun is one thing…being an idiot is something else completely

I would like to thank the person who added the words Basement and Suck to the exclusion list on the chat filter. It really is the little things that make games like this fun for all.