No chat privilages

Hi I booted up Gems War Today, level 105. and went to read chat, but it says that I do not have online privilages. Has anyone any idea what that means, and how to fix it.

So, no-one’s got the common decency to reply. Thanks alot. I will open a support ticket,:astonished: so don’t worry about it too much. What pains me is the game is dying for alot of high lvl players.Iam lvl 1160 on ps4 and vip6and I hate the update, so resurrected my old profile on xboxto get a new player perspective.

Now the game will not let me join chat lolm

Under all the ‘I hate the new UI’ threads your thread may have been lost. I’ve never seen this for myself so I don’t know why it’s happening to you.

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@spookz11 do you have xbox live gold?

I know if you are silver you can’t chat