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In-game chat is temporarily unavailable (Resolved)

ingame chat is now back up as of approximately 2:45 am GMT - please ignore

The in-game chat is temporarily unavailable whilst maintenance occurs from at least 2 am - 6 am GMT. This occurs across all platforms.

If are Connected to chat, you may receive an error message saying “unable to connect” after the loading wheel.

What’s going on?

The Gems of War team are performing maintenance on the chat. You will be unable to connect to the game chat while this occurs. The maintenance is for an update to the profanity filter that blocks swearing and other inappropriate words. This may take less time than expected.


Seen chat, thought yay fixes.

See profanity filter, not sure if sad or not.

But yay chat work is being done

Will you have a clinic set up for those that go through withdrawal during the longest 4 hours of some players lives?

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We will be running a clinic through our community discord. :stuck_out_tongue:


It may be quicker, from 20 minutes up to ~4 hours

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Depending on how fast the hamster can run?

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It’s all about that propagation.

Made one with a dev owning the server yet?
I’m not a fan of servers ran by players who put their own self interests first.
Only the devs can run a truly unbiased GoW server. I left the other one as soon as I found out it wasn’t ran by the devs.

I like our community discord being run by the community. We have a presence there, but are quite impressed with how it is structured and run.

We don’t feel it is necessary to start another discord when our existing community discord is flourishing!

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didnt even realise there was a community discord


Here is the link to our community discord: https://discord.gg/gnGmSbk

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Chat is now working!


After 4 years?



Didn’t most of the cursing come from when the in-game chat wasn’t working :rofl:


That’s a nice way of saying you don’t want to take the time to run one. :grinning:
Happy to hear it. Good luck with that. Just keep in mind that actions taken by admin on that server are therefore a representation of IP2 since they’re endorsed by the devs. Good or bad. 🤷

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Clarification - maintenance is over :slight_smile:

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Didn’t work that well



@awryan, a lot of work goes into running a Discord! We are already very active across a lot of platforms. As such, we love that our community has created and maintained such a great Discord channel. In fact, we are very grateful.

And no, the community discord doesn’t represent our company. We are transparent about the fact that it is indeed a community Discord created, maintained and run by players! I do not step in to moderate the community Discord, and do not ban or warn the players therein. Those decisions are left to the creators and moderators of the Discord board itself. :slight_smile: I float around and answer questions on occassion, but I mostly just chill there.

Also, I cannot stop laughing @kafka. That is gold!